Looking Back into the Past – 20 of my Favorite Articles on Blogussion

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Let’s go back in time a little bit here. 152 posts ago, 2,528 comments back, to December 11th, 2008. All that time ago Blogussion was nothing that it is today. Today, it is a blog full of great blog content, some great features, and best of all – an amazing community of commentators, guest posters, […]

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Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog

by · 18 comments

This is probably going to be the craziest post I ever write here, but I thought it would be a great idea to do something like this here, as it is just another blogging tip. Now, I’m all for blogging. All of my websites are blogs as a matter of fact, WordPress specifically. I just […]

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30 Methods For Killing Your Blog Today

by · 35 comments

In the ever growing blogosphere, it can be difficult to keep your blog alive with all of the competition you face. In fact, it has never been easier to “kill” your blog with everyone striving for perfection. I think you would be surprised how easy it can be to destroy a blog, I know I […]

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Giving and Receiving On Your Blog – When Do You Start Receiving?

by · 23 comments

Usually I find that in blogging, more work is being done on our part than we will actually be rewarded for doing. Any time we do work, we expect something in return of greater value. And when we don’t get that reward, we aren’t happy about it all. One of the many things blogging has […]

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How I Realized Banner Ads are Harmful to my Community

by · 66 comments

The common monetization method that just about every blogger uses is 125×125 sidebar banner ads. I feel that these ads have had a negative impact on my community. In this post I went over how exactly these ads prevented me from building a stronger community.

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