A Quick 4 Step Plan for Beating “Bloggers Crash”

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Sometimes when there is a problem we are going through, it follows us to work and prevents us from working at maximum efficiency. I call this “bloggers crash,” and in this article – I go through a four step process of getting through it.

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Marketing Personalization: It’s Not About the Numbers

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Marketing is important for any business or blog. Using numbers to sell products though isn’t the best way to do it. Get personal and see much better results.

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How Making Money Blogging Has Been Looked at the Wrong Way by Thousands of Bloggers

by · 91 comments

Earning money blogging can be done in a variety of ways. However, many bloggers don’t realize the potential that is out there to expand and do something great to earn through different strategies.

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What has our Perception of “Quality Content” been turned into?

by · 79 comments

Blogs nowadays are losing focus of keeping value in their content. Many are seeking traffic and create behemoth list typed articles that truly do not provide much value anymore.

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How Being Happy can Make you a Better Blogger

by · 50 comments

Blogging is hard work, and it can really take a lot out of you after doing it for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that at one point or another, you weren’t very motivated to blog one day and you either did a bad job, or nothing at all. I know I […]

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