How A Blog Can Kick Start Your Freelance Business

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Freelancing has become the dream job anywhere. With the economy still stinking and good jobs become harder to find, many have turned over to freelancing to keep their income streams flowing. But just because you can declare yourself as a freelancer doesn’t mean it will work out for you. You have to be able to […]

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5 Dangerous Myths About Making It Big

by · 24 comments

As I’ve been bouncing through the blogosphere I seem to keep running into bloggers with a sense of disillusionment about their blogs. In fact, I stumbled upon one earlier today that is really discouraging and makes a perfect example for this article. I won’t mention the name of the blog where I found this, but I […]

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How To Display RSS and Twitter Count in Plain Text

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Here is a neat trick to making your blog look better. I hate seeing those default Feedburner and Twittercounter chicklets on other people’s blog, because they look so ugly. No matter what color you change them, they never look nice. So, wouldn’t a neat trick be to display these counter on your own terms?

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4 Tricks For “Awesome-izing” Input Forms

by · 40 comments

Input forms are commonly used throughout your blog, and I see a lot of input forms that surprisingly are left untouched and uncared for. When you want people to signup for your newsletter or RSS feed via email, you usually have an input form that will take the users email address and submit it. But […]

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6 Plugins You Should Always Have Ready For Blog Emergencies

by · 49 comments

Crazy things can happen to any blog at any time. Some make sure to be prepared for these things, and others may not be as prepared. Crackers, hackers, massive floods of traffic, database errors and many more things are all preventable. With the WordPress community being as large as it is, there have been many […]

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