Renewing Blogussion – New Commitments, Goals & More + A Farewell to Seth

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The last few days have been mind-blowing to me as far as blogging goes. I have thought a lot about the direction I want to take this blog, and where I want to be as a leader of it. As the title suggests, there are going to be plenty of changes made here. More changes […]

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9 Ways to Treat Your Blog More Like a Brick-and-Mortar Business

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Today, Nick Tart talks about the importance of treating your blog more like a business. Want to write for us too? Most of us want our blogs to become more than just blogs. If that’s the case with you, then you need to treat your blog like it’s a business. When I was planning this […]

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The Easiest Post You’ve Ever Read

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Reading blogs can be very fun but sometimes it gets boring when there are no new ideas or its just too long.  How many times have you read a post that didn’t have anything to do with what you were interested in or subscribed to a blog that kept posting about things unrelated to their […]

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The Blogussion Inspired Theme is Now Available!

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The one thing that has been talked about so much about Blogussion is how wonderful and amazing the theme is (our content is pretty good too…). A lot of people like it, and it’s something we hear through emails, through Twitter, through comments, and really through any form of contact we have with our readers. […]

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Wired Weekend #6: A Special Week

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This week has been insanely hectic and very good all at the same time. Alex and I have been able to celebrate the birthday of Blogussion a bit while trying to prepare for some awesome new products [we will be unveiling very soon] and freelance work. We are officially celebrating during this month and have […]

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