Google Analytics: Metrics Worth Tracking

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Understanding the importance of statistics for your blog is an important step in developing your blog.  The best way to find success is by measuring performance and striving to improve it. Now do not get me wrong, spending hours every day looking at them will not help you.  That is too much time spent on […]

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WP Robot – Powerful Content Generation for WordPress

by · 35 comments

I have never gotten into the idea of generating content automatically on a blog, but that wasn’t until I did a little research on it. Auto content generation can be very popular for flipping blog websites, and creating some great blogs.

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Changes, Opportunities & New Features Coming to Blogussion + A Farewell to Janith

by · 26 comments

Things have been crazy for me over the last week. It was my birthday, I was making the transition from New Jersey to Florida for a month and a half, I was having issues finding a computer to continue my work, and Janith has told me he resigned from Blogussion. I’ve been busy.

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Why Twitter Might Sink?

by · 45 comments

Dear Twitterers, I’m just curious to as whether or not you follow all those that follow you? This issue has submerged up on several popular blogs; about Twitter-users abusing the system; and are just out to get the most number of followers possible. What’s the point of following 10,000 users if you won’t even read […]

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7 Alternative Blogging Tools (Mac-Supported too!)

by · 19 comments

I can’t help but feel that many of our readers found WLW either inadequate, not suited or perhaps even completely useless. Fortunately, the comments written for my first post on Windows Live Writer suggested that either it’s not worthwhile (because WP’s Editor is pretty solid) or it wasn’t Mac-supported. So, I’ve spent some time researching […]

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