WPDude – Your WordPress Technical Support Dude

by · 14 comments

Ever found yourself searching your head off, trying to solve that WordPress problem? Or trying to fix something that’s not broken – but you just want to make it better? Well I’ve found myself in that situation; too many times to count but never had a reliable resource when it comes to some of these […]

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Dolphin 6 – Create Your Own Social Media Network

by · 16 comments

Social Media Networks play a significant role in how the internet functions. Every network; targeted as Reddit for Internet marketers to as open as Myspace or Facebook, and lately Twitter – they all have blasted on to the scene within the last few years and already dominate the internet. So, it’s almost a crime to […]

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We Take Another Step To Becoming More Than Just A Blog: The Launch of our DoFollow Blog Directory

by · 29 comments

When I redesigned Blogussion, it was one of my goals to create something later on to make us “more than just a blog.” Today, that goal has been partially completed as I unveil to you Blogussion’s DoFollow Blog Directory.

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Is Your Blog Convincingly Secure?

by · 26 comments

Blog security is often overlooked by many bloggers, but is a very important precaution to take. There are many things you can and need to do to protect your blog, and Melvin will go over a handful of some important security tips. One thing that almost all bloggers are not paying attention to when starting […]

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7 WP-Plugins No-One Wants To Tell You About!

by · 23 comments

Here at Blogussion, we encourage as many bloggers to utilize WordPress on self-hosted servers – because the possibilities are just unlimited. Most of these possibilities lay within the use of WP-Plugins.

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