Firefox Makes Blogging Easier

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Ali Hussain, author of shares with you 8 fantastic FireFox plugins to help better your blogging experience. Tools ranging from Editors to in-browser FTP, this article is not to miss if you’re an avid Firefox blogger. Blogging is a very tough job. You need to do a lot of research, writing and understating. It […]

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Let’s face it, blogging with age makes us better at blogging

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I realized something a while ago, and today I have decided to write about it. Janith and I have been managing Blogussions for almost 6 months now, and both of us have not only had a great time with it, but have became better at blogging in the process. The reason why I think that […]

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You Can Now Follow @Blogussion on Twitter!

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Finally, I have gotten around to adding a Twitter account to Blogussion. I think it is one of those things to do for a little more reader connection, and that’s cool with me. It is my belief that you should follow any one who follows you, and that’s what we will be doing with the […]

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4 Great Ways I Customized my Thesis Theme

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A tutorial where I list 4 popular Thesis customizations that were made on

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Blogussion Gets a Thesis Makeover

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That’s right folks, the new Blogussion theme has finally arrived. As I had mentioned before, I had no intentions to make a completely new theme, but a revised version of our older theme. I figured since we were still new, there was no need to totally update the design, but revise. Plus, I haven’t heard […]

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