Blog Design: Making the most out of your footer space

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The footer (the very end of your blog) is a very important place of information on your blog. Your footer can hold a variety of information, such as copyrights, links, ads, and a lot of other stuff. The footer is also important SEO wise for a lot of reasons. Reasons I will cover in this […]

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How To: Wrap the post title around an image

by · 20 comments

A great way to enhance the style of your images in your post is to have the title of your post wrap around your image. If you don’t understand what that means, then take a look at this post, and just about any other post on Blogussion. I got an email request on how to […]

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Monetize your blog with OIOPublisher

by · 12 comments

OIOPublisher is one of the best ways to set up an advertisement system for your website or blog. We use this system at Blogussion, and we couldn’t be any happier with it’s easy to use system. The greatest thing about OIOPublisher is that this system cuts the middleman out and let’s you keep 100% of […]

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8 Priceless WP-Themes… FOR FREE!

by · 86 comments

I’m sure you’ve seen 10s of 100s of similar “Free WP-Themes” lists around the net. It’s almost infinite but unfortunately most of these lists – are repeatedly too often used therefore becoming saturated. These themes get thrown around so often – that their purpose as a visual ‘eye-candy’ is almost completely gone. So, when I […]

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RetireAt21: Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online – Review

by · 9 comments

RetireAt21 has a very unique idea to it; to help young entrepreneurs reach online success. It is a very inspirational blog with a lot of useful information for people under 21, and even those over 21. With resources like “The Top 50 Young Entrepreneurs” and “Top Young Bloggers“, RetireAt21 makes it easy to keep up […]

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