10 WP-Plugins, that will rock your world

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How many “Top Plugin” posts have you reader as a surfer of the World Wide Web? I’m sure every blog in these niches have one or two posts that are entirely dedicated to the top plug-ins. Most of them are pretty much the same lists, with the same descriptions. If you wanted that you could […]

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A day full of guest posting

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Today at Blogussion, there has been so much going on with guest posting I figured I’d write up a quick post about it all tonight. Guest posting is something you should eventually (if not, immediately) get into when you blog. In short, guest posting is going to someone else’s blog and writing a post for them. The benefits of writing guest posts are you can get exposure for your blog (usually you can add your link in your author bio), a new chance to share your opinions and insights with a new community, and a ton of other stuff…

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Optimizing the Layout of Your Blog Homepage

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This is a brief post that will talk about the importance of having a unique and well designed homepage on your blog. I will talk about what should be displayed on the homepage, how it should be displayed, and why you should move away from the standard blog homepage. The standard blog homepage Most blog […]

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How would you like 59 Awesome Ajax Scripts?

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The unspoken beauty of running a website is the power it gives you. The power to provoke a thought or initiate change or maybe just give you a peace of mind. Blogging has made this ever-so possible with unbelievable ease. You can make your website heart-felt or winter-cold all depending on your choice of visual […]

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Pingoat, gone to the slaughter house?

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Pingoat has been one of the most extensively used free pinging services on the web. For those of us, that haven’t used it before – it’s a simple tool that allows webmasters to ‘ping’ or ‘notify’ search engines and other services that you got new content! It’s a simple idea but one that has great […]

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