We are now offering Blogging Services!

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Hey All, Just want to let everyone now that Alex and I have officially launched the Services section here at Blogussion. It’s been there for a while, but since the migration was so hectic and busy – we never got around to fixing that up! We are currently offering Custom built + designed WordPress Themes, […]

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Our apologies!

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We’re sorry for the recent downtime here at Blogussion. We made a mistake to choose an unrealiable host, and they decided to do some unannounced work on the servers we run on, causing the blog to not load. Luckily, we have changed hosts to a lot more reliable one and should be ready to go. […]

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This post is a review of Top Forum Reviews. This review has not been paid for, I have chosen to review this website for free. Top Forum Reviews is a new blog in which they will take a forum that either a user has submitted, or a forum of their choice and review it on […]

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TeenProBlogger + KolaKube = Blogussion

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Firstly, Welcome to Blogussion! I just wanted to take the time to make an “official post” about our joint venture. Alex and myself thought that the saying “two heads are better than one” was more than just a merely fancy idiom. So, we decided to ‘fuse’ TeenProBlogger (formerly maintained by me) and KolaKube (formerly maintained […]

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