How to Setup a Blog, Make Money & Everything in Between: From Planning to Earning is Live!

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Signup to our free From Planning to Earning course! Learn all about blogging, how to setup/expand a blog, and the of course: how to make money from it. This massive course is 100% FREE!

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Email Marketing: The Killer Monetization Method You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Most bloggers fail to realize that the true value and monetization of their blog falls within their email list. Building, maintaining and building a profitable list a gold mine for bloggers. The sooner we realize the true value of email lists, the sooner we set ourselves aside from the many bloggers who fail to realize […]

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If You Blog, You’re Controversial. But is it Worth the Commotion? – Wired Weekend

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Wired Weekend is a recurring series on Blogussion where either a debate, a review of a useful tool, or a list of great blogging articles will be published for you to enjoy over the weekend.

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WordPress Permalinks 101

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An important part of good SEO, and general usability of your blog is the permalink structure on your blog. In WordPress, a permalink structure is often set after installing blog for the first time. But, did you choose the right structure for your blog?

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What are the best methods for marketing blog articles? – Wired Weekend

by · 26 comments

This weekend, we are debating the best tactics for marketing blog articles. There are many ways to do this, all with different (and some, similar) results. But what’s the best way?

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