SocialMarker – One Tool For All Your Social Bookmarking Needs!

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Social Bookmarking is at the forefront of Web 2.0 services, with an unlimited army of users just itching to discover something uniquely new or bury your idea before even Google can cache it. Social Bookmarking sites are exceptionally useful for webmasters alike, whether we blog about SEO or write an online journal daily. What makes […]

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6 Simple Ways to Build Traffic!

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1. Quickly Get Links From Trusted Directories. What does it take to build a healthy list of back links? It could take years and years of hard work in the SEO field or it could happen with-in a week if you have some $$. Link building is a long-term process with even longer-term goals, but […]

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Thumbnail image for Signature Advertising 101

Signature Advertising 101

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Signature advertising on forums is one of, if not the best free forms of advertising on the web. All you have to do is type in some anchor text and wrap that text around a URL and start posting on a forum. It is the kind of promotion I do every day I go on […]

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