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Why does Google Keep Changing Its Algorithm?

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What does this mean for you? The SEO world is literally a war ground. You fight for the top spot on search engines and you will do whatever it takes. Companies invest millions in SEO and more tactical ways of achieving the top spot. Google wants the playing field to be fair-and-square, and so there […]

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Going Viral: Stop-Motion, Hip-Hop, and Alex Fraiser’s Disembodied Head

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In order to make your voice heard above the crowd, your content is going to have to be LOUD. Start screaming by creating exhilarating and original content that people can’t wait to share with their friends.

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5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

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One of the major problems many people face is getting traffic to a blog, and the truth in the online world is that traffic is very essential to any online business you do; it is traffic that brings about people that buy.

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Creating a Trend to Effectively Stand Out

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What does it mean to create a trend? A trend is really a specific direction that something or someone develops over a given amount of time that begins to spread to many others. In the case of blogging we, bloggers, should think about starting a trend for our blogs. Creating a trend will allow us […]

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Marketing the “You Know What Out” of Your Blog, Part 3

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One of the best ways to market your blog and attract heaps of visitors is through social media. It is a harder medium to master, and sometimes the traffic you get doesn’t always stick. But, it’s something you need to get good at for more than just traffic.

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