Marketing Personalization: It’s Not About the Numbers

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Marketing is important for any business or blog. Using numbers to sell products though isn’t the best way to do it. Get personal and see much better results.

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Reaching New Customers By Expanding Your Vision

by · 47 comments

I‘ll be honest.  Searching for new readers and customers is hard. The work does not scare me though, it’s the fear of not being able to attract readers and customers even after I’ve put in the work.  I’m guessing this fear is not new to you or to me but is something every blogger and […]

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How Bloggers can Prepare for the Future of Journalism

by · 25 comments

Everett Bogue writes about the developing media world at The Future of Journalism. Follow him on Twitter. Want to write for us too? The media world is changing, in this month alone writers and readers everywhere watched helplessly as magazine giant Conde Nast folded four magazines (including the food favorite Gourmet) in one week and […]

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Blog Promotion: 169 New Ways to Build Traffic like a Ninja

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A massive list of fool-proof marketing techniques you can use to promote the hell out of your blog.

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#1 Traffic Tip You Are Not Ready For

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Now before you start getting angry at me for determining what you’re ready for, let me explain why I made the title what it is. In the last 2 years of blogging I have seen 2 fatal flaws which hinder almost every blogger from becoming successful.  These flaws are nasty and sometimes seem overwhelming.

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