4 Unusual (And Long Term) Ways to Promote Your Blog Using Forums

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Everyone knows that using forum signatures is a good way to generate some backlinks. However, there are other ways to use forums to your advantage. The ideas I came up with in here are ideas that may take a little longer for you to accomplish than the average forum promotion tactic. While you should always […]

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6 Beginner SMO Tips for Social Media Marketers

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Social Media Optimization (or SMO) has been an area that I have been looking to explore for quite some time now. We’ve discussed about Twitter recently; both the negative side of Twitter and also 7 ways you can effectively market it. However, I want to shift our focus to the more conventional social media networks […]

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How to Promote Your Blog Over Instant Messaging

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Everybody on the internet instant messages. Whether you have a Skype account or an MSN passport, you most likely talk to people via chat. However, few people realize how effective instant messaging clients can be for promoting your blog.

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Why Numbers Are A Major Blog Killer

by · 15 comments

Numbers have a large impact on our blogs and how we as bloggers interact on it. These numbers I am referring to are any kind of numbers that you see on your blog every day; statistical information basically. How many comments per posts you get, how many comments you have on your blog, number of […]

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Creating Interest Within Your Community With E-Book

by · 12 comments

One thing that makes an excellent resource on your community is an E-Book. They provide invaluable content, and usually revolve around one main topic and many sub-topics. Releasing an E-Book on your blog is a great way to get your readers interested in your blog if you write about the one thing that they really […]

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