Tips For Being At the Top of “Top Commentator” Lists Almost Every Time

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Being at the most frequent commentator on any blog with the Top Commentators plugin always brings in a lot of rewards. Not only are you getting to become an active part of the blogs community, but you will bring in traffic to your blog. Imagine being at the top of the list at a blog […]

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Get some comment love for your static website

by · 82 comments

If you have a “static” website that doesn’t dynamically update with RSS feeds, then you could be missing out on some traffic benefits. In this post, Jeet from Get Links Pro goes over how to make your content RSS feed accessible so you can use CommentLuv to promote your pages. RSS was one of the […]

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11 Effective Ways You Can Promote Your Site Offline

by · 29 comments

It’s clear that the whole purpose of running a blog and investing time on it revolves around the fact you want to share your opinion with other people. That’s pretty straight forward. Regardless of your niche and writing style, every blog is opinionated. Simply because two people can blog about the same exact topic yet […]

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Why Are ‘Private Ad Sales’ Better Than ‘Google Adsense?’

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With the ever-increasing concerns on the global economic crisis, everyone’s feeling their fair-share of pain. On a personal level; I don’t even get pocket money anymore. That’s both from my parents and Mr. Google. Ever since the global economic slump, there has been a non-stop stream of complaints that are tainted with earnings plummeting and […]

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5 quick and clever ways to publicize a blog post by commenting on other blogs

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Recently at Blogussion, I have written our most popular posts to date, 100+ Lists To Help You Become a Better Blogger. I knew this post was going to become popular because of the vast amount of resources listed in it. One challenge however was to figure out ways to help boost it’s popularity and create […]

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