Psychology of Blogging

Why Ego is Your New Best Friend

by · 47 comments

Everyone needs to feel good about themselves, right? In this article, we will prove to you why having a giant ego isn’t as bad as once thought.

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Is Premium Content Really a Big Myth?

by · 46 comments

The discussion has arisen over and over in my mind… is premium content really a myth? I mean what is purpose of blogging? Is it a way to communicate? Yes. Is it a way to educate and improve the world? Yes. Is it a way to make money online? Hmmm… Now I believe that blogging […]

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The Art of Doing Nothing

by · 52 comments

Did you know that by simply relaxing, you can become more productive? It’s not a lie or even an understatement – read more to find out what we’re talking about.

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Creating a Business Culture on Your Blog

by · 30 comments

Creating a business culture takes work. The key is not just how much work you put into it but how smart the work is. One of the principle elements is delivering what your readers want.

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Wake Up! You’re a Blogger Not a Crackhead

by · 74 comments

Getting a quick fix is all most drug addicts can think about.  There is a physical and mental addiction which impairs your perspective and destroys your long-term goals.  Over time drug addictions result in complete and utter failure unless a remedy and rehabilitation are implemented. Bloggers, like drug addicts, can be focused and even addicted […]

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