Psychology of Blogging

To Be, or Not To Be: That is the Moral Question

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Blogging is a great way to explore the world all around us.  From blogs about weird but funny things to useful do it yourself blogs there are millions of blogs and websites ranging from the obvious to the obscure. With all of these blogs it would seem that at some point some very serious questions […]

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What has “Acting Now” Really Done for You?

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The idea of “acting now” is an idea that hits us in a few different ways. Most see it as a motivator to get work done, but there are other ways that simple term can be looked at by someone. In this article, the idea of “acting now” on your blog is broken down and explained in a few different ways.

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6 Powerful Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Their Own Blog

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Blogging has the potential to unlock a lot of things for you in your life, and you should be blogging as soon as possible. In this article, 6 strong points are presented to help motivate people to start their blogs NOW.

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A Quick 4 Step Plan for Beating “Bloggers Crash”

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Sometimes when there is a problem we are going through, it follows us to work and prevents us from working at maximum efficiency. I call this “bloggers crash,” and in this article – I go through a four step process of getting through it.

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Let’s Hangout

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Blogging is so much more than just spitting out information. Blogging is about teaching and learning together with your readers. That does not mean you are not an “expert”, but it does mean you are connecting with your visitors. Learn to “hangout” with your readers and develop friendships.

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