Psychology of Blogging

Forcing Yourself to Blog vs. Letting Ideas Marinate

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Today, Zachary Adam Cohen brings up an interesting point of view on how post ideas are formed. If you would like to guest post on Blogussion, read here for more information. I’ve been blogging regularly for five months now and have learned a lot about the art and science of regular blogging. Some of my […]

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Refresh your Blogging Process in 4 Steps

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In this article, Ashwin from Thoughts Unlimited goes over the PDCA method and how that can help you treat your blog more like a business. If you would like to write a post for us, check our guest post page for details. I am sure most of you reading this post are either actively running […]

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6 Lessons I Learned From Walking On Crutches That Tie Into Blogging

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A few months ago, I hurt my ankle pretty bad and was forced to walk around in crutches for about a week. I have to say that this was the most difficult thing I had to do in a long time due to how much I walk around in school all day.

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From Barista to Blogger

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In this post, Megan Hurley talks about the future we all want for our blogs, and how we can take baby steps to achieving a happy future. If you would like to guest post on Blogussion, read our guidelines for more information. At some point in his or her life, almost everyone will land a […]

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Personal Reflection: How Has Your Blog Changed You Offline?

by · 27 comments

Whether you are really aware of it or not, becoming a serious blogger for a long time leaves some kind of affect on you even when you’re not actually doing it. I think it’s normal too, because when we blog we are so concentrated that it just opens our mind up to a lot of […]

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