Psychology of Blogging

Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog

by · 18 comments

This is probably going to be the craziest post I ever write here, but I thought it would be a great idea to do something like this here, as it is just another blogging tip. Now, I’m all for blogging. All of my websites are blogs as a matter of fact, WordPress specifically. I just […]

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Earning Income by Creating a Reputation for Yourself

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Why do we all blog? What are our goals in blogging, and how do we plan on bringing our blog to success? What is success? There are so many questions to ask when it comes to blog building that it becomes hard to answer them all. But there is one question in particular I want […]

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Switching Up Your Blogging Routine For Just A Day: What Would Happen?

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A few days ago, I had decided that instead of carrying out my regular blogging routines, I would take a day off and try to do things I don’t normally do. I personally think that sticking to a specific routine in anything is for too long is never the best for you, because there are […]

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