Psychology of Blogging

Behind the Snowball Effect for Success

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The infamous snowball effect should be rolling behind you to ensure success right now and in the future. In order for this snowball to be successful for you it should have a well built foundation and key people along for the ride.

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The Essential Code for Aspiring Bloggers

by · 108 comments

Blogging can get carried away and make the practice of blogging look corrupted, tarnished, or the thought of blogging being dead.

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Do You Only Fuel the Blogosphere or Reap the Benefits?

by · 157 comments

If you were looking for an easy online world to escape to and make some money from, you have been deceived.

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Go Big Like a Successful Entrepreneur by Rocking Out with An Initial Community

by · 83 comments

To have a successful blog, grow it in an effective manner, and see profits or great attention we have to rock out in the small parts.

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The Value of Falling Behind

by · 62 comments

As people who constantly create more and more work for themselves everyday, bloggers often find themselves falling behind and even not getting all their work done. For many, this is a bad thing and can ultimately harm their blog and even work ethic. But personally, I see opportunity.

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