Psychology of Blogging

Interviews are Boring, Reviews are Fake & Lists are Kind of Lame. Let’s Get Real

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Many bloggers lack the interest or care to take time and just make their blog posts the best they can. So much, that it really deprecates the value of the actual blog and the value to readers.

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Stop Blogging About Blogging Already

by · 85 comments

The amount of bloggers that enter into the “blog about blogging” niche are growing every day. All of us most likely have started blog­ging from reading other blogs that talk about blogging tips or heard it from some one related to this field.

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The Price of Beauty in the Blogosphere

by · 56 comments

Ever have content stolen from you? Being good at what you do is an amazing feat, and you should not let people who resort to stealing your content bring you down. Here’s why.

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Blogging is About Over-Delivering, and Chances are: You’re Not Delivering Enough

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Giving a reader more than what they expect is ideal for many reasons; getting signups, making money and earning more traffic. Do you deliver enough to your readers?

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Do You Have a Fallback Option? If so, You’re Missing the Point

by · 40 comments

A fallback option (something to do if your blog fails) seems like a smart and safe tactic. But it’s more counterproductive than anything else, as you are basically setting up a plan for when you fail, and failure is something a blogger should never think about.

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