Psychology of Blogging

Why Blogging Will Live

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Since the beginning of time, people have always been predicting the death of things. People predict that the Internet will make magazines obsolete, and the iPad will kill the Kindle But what’s the people’s standpoint on blogging?

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Blogging Isn’t All Sunsets and Tailwinds

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Recently I’ve been going through a pretty stressful time with my blog. I’ll be the first to admit that there are some issues, and most of them are the results of feeling fear, lack of motivation, carelessness and so on. These things include the integration of social media to drive traffic and build the conversation, […]

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The Easy Blogging Life: Are you Ready for it?

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We want everything to be easy. Things are nice when they’re handed to us, aren’t they? The more handouts, easy breaks and close calls we experience, the more we want. All of these things have to do with luck, and the people you interact with on your blog. The “simple life” I’m talking about above […]

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Be a Blogging Olympian; Work Hard and Win Big

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Bloggers have a lot to learn about the Olympians participating in the 2010 winter games. There are many things that can be tied into blogging that you can learn by simply watching the Olympics.

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How to Overcome Creativity Blocks by Making These 8 Simple Offline Changes

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Sometimes, to fight off creativity blocks we just need to make a change in the environment surrounding us to see results. Sometimes reading other blogs and looking through design galleries just don’t help, but only kill time.

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