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    • Always provide quality content. It doesn't have to be the best in the world, just the best you can make it.
    • Show off your personality as much as you can. No matter how you act, show it (crazy, egotistical, happy, optimistic, etc.)
    • Keep a consistent posting frequency to keep credibility up.
    • Networking with other bloggers through commenting, social networking and guest posts are vital to creating friendships.


    The most important part of building a strong, popular blog is by connecting with your audience and getting your name out there. In this article, 5 great ways to do that are listed and broken down.


by Onibalusi Bamidele

Most bloggers come online, with new hopes of making it with ease just to find out that their hopes are almost dashing away, there is no achievement, there is no traffic, they are not just happy.

The way you treat your community reflects the amount of growth in readership your blog will see. Young entrepreneur Onibalusi Bamidele shares the 5 main tactics he uses to build powerful readership on his own blogs.

You have to build an audience behind your blog before can have “any form” of success. Before you can get your audience, you need traffic. Below are some great tips to get traffic to your blog and also build a loyal audience around yourself that are always ready to hear what you say.

1. Quality Content

You might be a video blogger, or maybe you post updates on your blog in text format. The mode of presenting the information you have is not what matters but the quality of information you have.

Let me ask you this question: why is it that your readers are coming to your blog and not the millions other blogs on the internet? Is it just to come and read what they have read numerous times before? Your blog should be unique; it should have what will separate it from any other blog in the whole universe.

Are you just posting on your blog to tell your readers how your relationship with your girlfriend went that weekend? Is it to tell them stories they can otherwise read elsewhere? What is the main focus of your blog?

It is always a good option to be personal, but your readers don’t always care. They don’t necessarily care about what you want either. They only care about themselves (just like any other person does) and what you can provide to them. Your readers will only stay on your blog if you have quality information for them.

2. Personality

I doubt you visit any corporate blogs, unless you still work for one. Your readers want somebody to relate to, somebody like them. They don’t want to speak to another type of company, they want to speak to YOU.

Lack of a good writing personality will go a long way to affect you. Bloggers that show little to no personality often result in casual readers, and they hardly get loyal readers. What some of your readers want in your blog is a person, not just great content. Some people find it difficult to relate with information that is not related to a true success story.

You should also have an about page that gives some basic (not too much) information about you. This has a long way to go because I saw a significant increase in traffic and subscriber on my blog when I created my about page. Be personal on your blog, you are not a company after all.

3. Frequency

So many people don’t care about this thing called posting frequency (how often you update your blog).

Some people only write once a month (which is a very risky move if you are starting out). You are not Maki from Dosh Dosh; it is very disastrous to not update your blog regularly.

Let me tell you a short story.

I have a personal blog and another blog in the technology niche that runs completely on auto-pilot. My technology blog automatically updates each hour while my personal blog is updated three times a week (with valuable content of course) manually.

The results of these two different approaches to the community on my blogs is that:

  • My technology blog receives much less traffic (about 200 unique visitors this month).
  • My personal blog receives thousands of hits a week.

Because there is little to no interaction between myself and my community, it’s obvious that it would receive less attention than my personal blog, where I respond to comments and inject myself into my articles.

Your readers want regularly updated content. Satisfy them with this and you will reap great rewards in terms of traffic, feed subscribers, mailing list subscribers, loyal readers, and the best of all – friendships.

4. Networking

#1, 2 and 3 are for keeping your readers; they have to be in place before you start looking for website traffic. Networking is a great way to get traffic to your blog. After having a blog, it is only you who will be the first reader.

A good method of finding people who will eventually become loyal readers is to go out and network with others.

Try to network with other bloggers and their readers by guest posting for them and also by commenting on their blog. You can also network with people outside your niche through forums and social networking sites.

It is very important to know that that social networking sites only favors those that are ready to help others and not just themselves, it is also important to promote others people’s post on social networking sites.

5. Guest Posting

Another method that can be used to generate traffic to your blog is by guest posting for other bloggers in your niche. Guest posting, if used effectively, can help you draw both traffic and loyal readers to your blog.

The problem most people face when trying to guest post is the fear of their article being rejected. Being someone who has written over 100 guest posts, I can tell you there is no way you can do without some of your articles being rejected. Some bloggers will even take ages to reply to you but your requests, but you will get used to it over time.

When guest posting, it is very important to know the type of blog you are guest posting for. What benefits does it have for you?

You can’t expect to have success at guest posting for a blog with almost no visitors a day. It is also important to not attempt a guest post for only big blogs because the majority of them might not even get to you or might eventually reject your guest posts.

Big blogs (we’re talking ProBlogger big) have some standards they want everybody to adhere to due to a plethora of other guest post submissions.

Try to make it balanced so that you won’t feel dejected if all your blog posts are rejected. Guest posting is good and it is one of the best ways to get free high quality traffic to your blog.

Editor’s Note: Learn From my Experience
I recently submitted a guest post to ProBlogger. I followed all of the best practices for submitting guest posts and wrote a very professional proposal message. However, I was declined due to the heavy amount of guest posts he already receives. What did I do? I submitted it elsewhere. And it got accepted. So it’s not the end of the world if you get rejected. - Alex

Getting traffic to a blog is easy, but building an audience is not. Using the above tips effectively will help you achieve success with your blog.

How do you build the community on your blog?

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