How We Earned Over 200 Subscribers with 2 Simple Posts

by Seth

I have written hundreds of posts over the last few months on a variety of blogs.  In fact, my role on Blogussion is primarily to write great content and promote our blog. Alex also writes awesome content and has insane design abilities.

Together we are building Blogussion’s brand by connecting with our readers and networking with hundreds of other bloggers.  Our goal is for Blogussion to be the source of great content on blogging tips.  Reaching our goal requires us to promote our content to everyone on the internet.  Today, I am going to explain our #1 source for bringing in new traffic.

Guest Posting Strategy

Let me first explain the most important part of our strategy when it comes to guest posting… sitting down and doing it!  This isn’t going to be the first time many bloggers have heard of guest posting.  If it is or isn’t your first time, listen up and get ready to do some serious promotion.  Guest posting is the best way to get new subscribers and more traffic.

Why Guest Post?

Bloggers spend a lot of time worrying about traffic and trying a variety of different methods.  Some work great and others just take a lot of your energy away from other important things.  The majority of traffic methods usually lead to bloggers wasting valuable time instead of writing new content or seriously promoting their work.  Many of the methods are not even worth the efforts made to use them.

After trying everything, guest posting is the single most effective way to build traffic to your blog.

Promoting your blog is hard and can be very frustrating.  You tweet, stumble, digg and comment all over the internet and still your blog seems to find little change in readership.  Eventually you dive into SEO and try to learn more about keyword rich titles and content. You know links are important, but you’re scratching your head as to how to get more of them.  You have heard about guest posting but for some reason you are too scared, too tired, or not aware of the powerful results.

Personally I learned the power of guest posting when I started blogging for a new site.  The blog was only a week old but I had produced 30 quality posts to launch the blog.  With the help of some of my blogging buddies, and the start of search engine traffic trickling in I began my promotion methods the very first day I began blogging.  Here’s what I did to turn a new blog into a busy blog.

Research Your Niche

I knew from previous experience what blogs were important in my current niche (topic) so I went to five of the top blogs and began reading their posts.  While reading their posts I asked myself these 10 important questions:

  1. What exactly are they writing about on this blog?
  2. Is there content similar to my content?
  3. Would their readers be interested in what I write?
  4. What topics are they currently writing on?
  5. Are there any ways to elaborate further on recent posts?
  6. Are there any major post topics they are missing?
  7. Do they use guest posts?
  8. What style of writing do they use?
  9. How can I use my background and blog uniquely in their content?
  10. Are my experiences useful to their readers?

Research your blog niche

Photo by Stefan Baudy

Asking these questions and answering them honestly will help you come to the conclusion of whether or not the blog is worth guest posting on.  To many of you I give this advice… I can find a way to fit ANY blog topic into a post for ANY other blog, and so can you.  If you need help, just go to the contact page and let me know what blog you want to write for and what help you need.

Once you have a few big blogs to write on… get out a piece of paper, whiteboard, or open a document and start writing post ideas.  You should brainstorm as many post ideas that would fit with the guest posting blog as you possibly can.  Then start to narrow the posts down into posts you think are most interesting and easily researched/written.

How to Guest Post

Writing is the next step.  First begin with an outline of major points for the blog post ideas you liked best.  Really try hard to get the main point of your post idea in the outlines you write.  Then look for the posts with the clearest outlines and most interesting topics.  Start thinking of stories, analogies, web tools, images, or anything else which could compliment your post.  Then do some research on the topic to make sure your opinion is correct, or at least arguable.

The next step is different for many bloggers, so choose carefully.  Your options are to either email the owner of the blog with your proposal to guest post, main point (one sentence), brief outline, and contact information to see if it is worth writing up, or you can go ahead and write the entire thing.

I have done both and found that emailing a very brief and succinct outline of a post I wanted to write works very well, especially when you are less experienced.  When I had started my blog this is what I did for my first guest post on ProBlogger.  Darren Rowse was very nice and sent me a quick reply telling me my ideas were worth writing [note: his reply did not mean he would automatically post my written article, but rather that he liked the current direction].  Then I wrote up the post and sent it too him. He replied that he would love to post it soon.

I did the opposite for Daniel Scocco, Daily Blog Tips, the very same week.  I wrote the entire post because I knew the idea would really connect with him and emailed it.  He quickly sent a reply and told me he would be posting it soon.  The very next week I had a guest post go live at BOTH ProBlogger and Daily Blog Tips and my blog had been live for only a week!

Writing a Guest Post

In the last 6 months I have guest posted on dozens of blogs all around the internet.  Guest posting four times at Problogger, two times at Daily Blog Tips and then over 23 different blogs have rapidly increased my blogs links and traffic.  Currently I have three guest posts waiting to be published at three very high traffic blogs.  Each time I have submitted a guest post, it has been accepted so I have tried to think of how you can replicate this success.

The key is to write your very best content for others!  They will love it and so will their readers.  Then traffic and links will soar on your blog.  When I named this post, I thought of a significant event on this blog.  It was when we received 200 new subscribers in 2-3 days!  What happened is I was featured two time on Problogger in two days!  We got thousands of visitors and hundreds of new subscribers.  Many of you reading this might have come from one of those posts.

In addition to writing your best content, be sure to look at Alex’s recent post and reverse the role that Alex talks about in Preparing a Guest Post.  His post has you thinking as the blog owner, but put yourself in the guest posters shoes and think about how you could make the blog owner’s job easier.

One way I do this is by making the emails very brief when I send my guest posts.  I include:

  1. My name and link to my blog
  2. Proposed Title (usually 2 options)
  3. Main Text
  4. Image (w/ attribution)
  5. Byline

I promise you, if you spend 2 hours writing a powerful guest post for your blog, you will have more traffic and subscribers then by spending 2 hours doing anything else online!  So stop what you are doing and get your guest post written and sent in today!

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