Our Blogging Projections for 2014

by Carmela Maraan

Now that we’ve entered 2014, we’re expecting several changes in the blogging community. Some of these may have caught us by surprise, because of the general growing mindset that blogging is dead. But apparently that’s not the case.

For one thing, it appears that business blogs are rising in popularity again, after Facebook has stipulated that users pay back the company to reach their audiences better.

Facebook used to be the go-to site for businesses to build and maintain audiences. Since the company acknowledged that Fan Page posts aren’t reaching fans as well as they should, and require payment for better visibility, businesses have turned back to blogging as a means to generate new leads.

Still, social media sharing will remain of utmost importance in content promotion, only not just exclusively with Facebook.

As an offshoot of the business blog reprise, brands have begun investing in blogs again as a way of establishing themselves as market influencers. Thanks to social sharing and emails containing custom content tailored according to consumer behavior, these brands will be able to reach their market more effectively.

Another emerging trend for this year is the feed. When Google Reader shut down last year, it brought to life other feed readers such as Pulse, Selfoss 2.4, and Feedly. These readers enable bloggers to reach their audiences directly and are espcially useful since, as mentioned earlier, business blogs are booming again.

When it comes to personal blogs, video blogs or ‘vlogs’ and image-based blogs modeled after Pinterest and Instagram continue to become more popular, because they maximize time and visibility, especially with the rise of mobile blogging.

Reverse guest posting (more on this soon) will also be adopted as a strategy for bloggers to create valuable content for their blogs AND generate partnerships and audiences as well. The process is simple: the blog owner recruits guest posters to write on his blog. This means less work for the blog owner, more readers, and backlinks from the guest posters.

Finally, as long as there are dedicated bloggers out there, we at Blogussion will continue to share insights on the craft. And we hope that this will extend long after 2014 has passed.

Have you spotted any other blogging trends for this year? How about your predictions? Feel free to share them in the comments below.



Image credits: Printwand.Com, 8tracks.Com, Blogussion.Com.

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