7 ways to find inspirations for your next blog post!

by Janith

One of the most commonly set goals by bloggers is to “blog at least once a day.” Anyone who follows this goal knows how difficult it can get, but they are also aware of its bountiful benefits!

However, only a handful¬† of bloggers remain true to it, in the long run and they soon loose interest in the blog itself. It’s quite ironic that the task a blogger sets themselves, to ensure his/her blog’s success – can so easily backfire and bring about their downfall.

There’s nothing secretive about it, we all know it’s one of the many challenges you face as a blogger but producing quality content on a daily basis can be easier than you think!

Every writer, no matter what the content itself is; needs some inspiration. Sometimes, inspiration can be drawn out from obvious sources and other times we can subconsciously relate to things we have previously experienced. Then there are times when we are left with no inspiration, and we pretty much stop-dead in our tracks.

Whenever this happens to me (quite oftenly too), I try to follow a series of post inspiring methodologies. If you want to call it that. Hopefully, theses 7 simple ways to find post inspiration will serve the same purpose to you, as they have done to me; time and time again.

7 Ways to Find Post-Inspirations.

  1. Scout the ForumsThis is one of my favorite ways to get post-ideas because it’s a primary source to what the people want. Since, our blog here revolves around webmasters, you’ll always find my scouting the DigitalPoint, V7N and so on, to see which discussions seem to stir up the biggest storm. I love this method because, you can almost instantly spread the word about it. By writing your opinion on the issue/topic raised within the forum thread, you are helping the participants of the the thread itself, hence you are able to direct them to it.
  2. Brainstorming - Some time back, I wrote up a post on how important brainstorming is and how exactly to manipulate it. I use this method well beyond the blogging scene. Every time I have to write something, I would start off with a brainstorm. The beauty of this is, that you start off with a simple and logic idea (or even a single word for that matter) and it soon develops in to several key ideas, which you can even save up for later.
  3. Blogs are non-linearWhat do I mean by this? Well, if you take ANY niche; you can almost find a handful of blogs about it. This means that similar topics have already been most likely covered, therefore you draw on previously written ideas – then explore it in more depth or in your perspective. I’ve found myself doing this many times, and even make it so obvious as making the post title “RE: *reference to another blog’s posts” and sharing my perspective on the topic/issue. I haven’t done that here at Blogussion…yet ;)
  4. Google Your Post IdeaGoogle is one of the best ways to gather resources and it works just as well in helping you explore ideas. If you have a post topic, idea or even a phrase – just Google it and see what others have said about it.
  5. Stop by Yahoo!Answers - A lot like forums, Yahoo!Answers can be even easier to actually locate questions and answer them more directly. This social media network has always been one of my top referrers and are usually the most loyal, because they are extremely targeted. If you can “answer” a question, you are most likely to reach interested surfers.
  6. Digg - Social media has been such a success, simply because it brings news to internet surfers pretty much instantly. Things that people like to hear about, watch or listen to; quickly blast to the front pages and gets the exposure that it may/may not deserve. So, take the purpose of social media into consideration and read between the lines.. if you can see rising topics within the community, it’s a clear indication – that people want to read/listen/watch about it. I always love to browse through the “up-coming” posts on Digg, just to see which ones have been stirring up the community. Since these sites are category specific, you can really home in on your niche.
  7. Three useful readsBefore I write up any post, I always Google about the topic – just to see what others have said about it. Undoubtedly, I did the same before I started writing this post and came across some really interesting reads and I recommended you check it out;

What Say You?

These are just 7 ways you can find inspiration and there’s heaps more that can be explored. Stop by the comments and share with us on how do you find your post-inspiration? We’d love for you to share with us your opinion :)

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