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    Headlines are a lot of things. They’re neglected, undervalued, a gateway, and most of all – a pain in the ass to create. If you blog, then you have written a headline before. Whether or not you were aware of it at the time, the headline you wrote made a significant difference in the performance of your post.

    This list has the best articles I could find on how to write a better headline, and I recommend you read every single post here at some point.


by Alex

Headlines are a lot of things. They’re neglected, undervalued, a gateway, and most of all – a pain in the ass to create. If you blog, then you have written a headline before. Whether or not you were aware of it at the time, the headline you wrote made a significant difference in the performance of your post.

The title you choose for your post is the one thing that stands between your article and whether or not it gets read. A quote from Brian Clark with a startling statistic about the true power of headlines:

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

It is your job on your blog not only to write great content, but to write a headline that draws the attention of a reader so they stay on your blog for a while. Unfortunately, writing good headlines are not a strong point for most bloggers. I only just realized the real importance of a good headline on my blog.

I have been reading around the blogosphere and have found some truly excellent resources for writing better headlines on your blog. I would like to share with you. I recommend you read every article, as every article I picked has something another doesn’t.

  1. How to Write Magnetic Headlines

    A list of 11 in-depth articles on how to create a great headline that sticks.

  2. 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work

    A truly invaluable resource, this articles lists 10 headline templates you can use for your own blog. All you have to do is edit a few words and you’re all set to go. This is a resource to be bookmarked and used over and over again.

  3. 7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work

    A followup to the above resource, when Brian Clark wrote the first part, it did so well he added seven more. Again, bookmark and use excessively.

  4. How to Craft Post Titles that Draw Readers Into Your Blog

    Creating a headline that doesn’t just get read, but draws someone to clicking it is the ideal headline. This list has eight tips for creating such a headline.

  5. How To Craft Kick-Ass Title Tags & Headlines

    What a good headline consists of, examples of headlines that work and don’t work, how to optimize your headline for SEO and more.

  6. How to Optimize Blog Post Titles

    A unique approach to how to properly sculpt a headline that not only is appealing to users, but works well in search engines.

  7. Great Content… Bad Titles – How to Let Your Blog Go

    This article goes over the exact uses of titles, talks a little about the SEO factors of a good title, and of course gives five excellent tips for developing good post titles.

  8. How to write blog post titles while keeping SEO in mind

    An insightful article that gives examples of bad titles and explains WHY they’re bad, and a list of good titles that work and explains WHY they work.

  9. Write Your Titles CAREFULLY and AFTER the Post

    A method I believe in, Daniel Scocco explains why it is best for you to write your headline after you have written your article.

  10. Tools and Resources to Write Compelling Post Titles

    A truly great list of tools and resources for picking the right keywords to include in your “perfect headline.”

  11. How To Write a Good Blog Title for High Website Traffic

    An informative post by John Chow, that gives a great overview of how to use Google AdWords to choose the right keywords for your headline.

  12. Creating Effective, Attention-Getting Headlines and Titles

    A very long and informative blog post that describes every last little detail of creating a blog headline. From describing the </code> tag to showing how a little tweaking can effect your <acronym title="Search Engine Ranking Position">SERPs</acronym>.</li> <li> <h5><a href="http://www.howtomakemyblog.com/writing/how-to-write-blog-headlines-that-make-people-click/">How to write blog headlines that make people click</a></h5> <p>Marko Saric goes over what it is that makes people click headlines, as well as analyzes and breaks down the headlines of ten of his most popular posts.</li> <li> <h5><a href="http://outspokenmedia.com/blogging/write-killer-blog-titles/">How to Write Killer Blog Titles & Why Mine Suck</a></h5> <p>A big list of different styles of headlines, and the best part about this article is the description of using trigger words to trigger someones interest in reading your post.</li> <li> <h5><a href="http://buildinternet.com/2009/08/five-minute-upgrade-writing-blog-post-titles-that-grab-attention/">Writing Blog Post Titles That Grab Attention</a></h5> <p>A greatly detailed post that goes over very effective methods of creating a great headline. To make sure you fully understand every point, there is a checklist that summarizes everything said in the last topic.</li> <li> <h5><a href="http://www.psychotactics.com/blog/how-to-write-better-headlines-with-one-thought/">How To Write Better Headlines With One Thought</a></h5> <p>A two minute <strong>video</strong> that has one point and one point only: use one thought in the headline, and absolutely no more.</li> <li> <h5><a href="http://www.instigatorblog.com/the-best-headlines-are-not-just-written-for-search-engines-or-digg/2007/03/28/">The Best Headlines Are Not Just Written For Google or Digg</a></h5> <p>Very few people write headlines for search engines. Very few people write headlines for digg. Even FEWER people write headlines for people.</li> <li> <h5><a href="http://freelanceswitch.com/freelance-writing/the-sexy-art-of-writing-headlines-that-kill/">The Sexy Art of Writing Headlines that Kill</a></h5> <p>A great post by Leo Babauta that goes over who you write headlines for, and 20 tips for creating the best headline possible.</li> </ol> <h3>Every Article Counts</h3> <p>I selected every article up there for very specific reasons. They all have something that others don’t, and I highly advise that you read every article at some point. 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