4 Top SEO-Blogs & Their Priceless Resources Pt. 3

by Janith

In today’s post, we bring together the third installment in the “4 Top SEO Blogs & Their Priceless Resources” series. Just like in Pt.1 and Pt.II, in Part III – we explore yet another diverse and resourceful website, that’s just overflowing with information.

Most of their resources are for paid users – but every now and then; they dish out some very useful information for free on their blog. You might recognize them from the quite large, yet outstandingly iconic header…

SEOBook is in my opinion, is your one-stop SEO resource. Why? It has a constantly updated blog, a friendly community within its forums and even extra paid-content, for those that want to stretch the mile.

They explore everything from utilizing Twitter to Search Engine Marketing to even more philosophical debates; like do you master the obvious? It’s absolutely compulsory for any serious web-master to follow them as a resourceful blog and to be kept updated on the latest SEO stuff.


If you’ve read Alex’s relatively recent post on How he Realized Banner Ads are Harmful to our Community you will know how important it is to pick the proper form of advertising. Different blogs respond differently, to different forms. Even though the most common type is the 125×125 Ad blocks, they were quite the disaster for us.

So, what’s the way around this? Well SEOBook has a couple of techniques but Customer Recommendations seems to be the most actively promoted. If you did not get what I just said – that’s okay; you have to read the post first ;)

How many times have you heard someone say this? Quite often, I would presume. We all have a starting point, a point where we know nothing about a specific point – and eventually with time; we learn about it. This is obviously a natural process, but more often than not – we try to do something we aren’t quite totally sure about yet.

In this case, it’s marketing and growing your business. Now it’s not possible to know everything but we should know a fair bit before even attempting to venture out on our own. When we don’t, we usually are confronted with problems that we can’t solve.

This is why I love such posts where webmasters, internet marketers or even everyday bloggers go over their mistakes and their solutions to them; because we can all learn from it.

When you choose a domain for new blog or site, it’s absolutely critical that you have a rough idea where you want to go with it. It’s no good registering “www.books.com” for $0.99 and then realizing you want to blog about your new PlayStation 3 games. So, in this post – about considering your brand name – they go over some of the basic things you will need to consider. Undoubtedly, it will help you picking a proper and useful domain name.

When Alex and I first started with this blog (Now titled Blogussion) we had couple of sessions where we discussed possible names for the blog. Something that was unique but more importantly; it was brand-able. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, because the possibilities are just limitless – but end of the day; you need to pick one.


Just like the previous posts in this series, I’m only able to go through just a couple of the posts/guides each respective blog provides. They have much, much more goodies and you can check them out over at SEOBook.

Stay tuned for Part 4 – where we explore the wonders of SEOChat!

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