45 Exciting Words to Spice up Your Blog Headlines

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    A headline is the most important part of a blog post. If a headline is the only factor that determines whether or not someone may read your article or not - you need to know the right methods of grabbing an interest. In this post, a list of 45 words has been created that will make any headline sound a lot more exciting to a person reading it.


by Alex

I can’t stress enough the important of a truly remarkable headline. Yesterday I talked about the second most important thing in a post, and now I want to help you with the most important thing. The headline.

I personally find that one of the best ways to attract someone to your headline is to create some form of excitement, or hype. When you see a headline like “50 mind-blowing ways to become an instant success,” you might actually stop for a second and contemplate what that article might be about.

Chances are, with a headline that has as many exciting words in it as that example – you would click it. And read it.

The only problem is creating excitement through written words is a lot tricker than doing it through spoken words. So, a lot of us who write our headlines miss out on this great opportunity to excite someone. I like to talk about exciting stuff, and I like people to read what I write. So I came up with this list of 45 words you can use to really bring some excitement into your headlines.

If you just read them and figure out ways to incorporate them into your own headlines, I think you will understand the effectiveness of excitement in a post headline.

Of course, excitement isn’t the only way to grab people’s attention. I have talked about other headline techniques in the past, and each is just as effective as the next. But what do you think? What do you think is one of the best ways to grab the attention of someone on your blog?

45 Words to Build Excitement

  1. Killer
  2. Serious
  3. Stellar
  4. Tremendous
  5. Rockstar
  6. Capture
  7. Amazing
  8. Unreal
  9. Easier
  10. Ultimate
  11. Perfection
  12. Major
  13. Striking
  14. Secrets
  15. High-qualiy
  16. Quick
  17. Powerful
  18. Dangerous
  19. Clever
  20. Exciting
  21. Stunning
  22. Phenomenal
  23. Significant
  24. Next-level
  25. Immense
  26. Guarantee
  27. Incredible
  28. Conquer
  29. Perfect
  30. Boost
  31. Free
  32. Fresh
  33. Strange
  34. Fantastic
  35. Brilliant
  36. Best
  37. Latest
  38. Mind-blowing
  39. Creative
  40. Mega
  41. Excellent
  42. Ridiculous
  43. Exceptional
  44. Intelligent
  45. Absolutely

What do you think? Do you think that these words could create any kind of excitement in a reader? I think if used right, they very well can make some headlines really stand out. But are there any words up there you don’t think are that great?

What would you add?

I would love to expand this list to more than 45 with your help. What words do you think could make a headline sound exciting? Suggest anything, and I will gladly add them to this list. I want to make this post a great reference for all of you who need help writing standout headlines to come back to and find new inspiration each time.

Words From the Community

  1. Explosive
  2. Dynamite
  3. Awesome
  4. Extremely
  5. Unbelievable
  6. Sexy
  7. Spicy
  8. Dangerous
  9. Wicked
  10. Worst
  11. Top
  12. Now
  13. Recent
  14. Current
  15. Weird
  16. Why
  17. Hilarious
  18. Ever
  19. Eye-jerking
  20. Effective

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