Didn’t you have something teux deux today?

by Alex

I recently stumbled upon a new web app that has completely changed my workflow and how I get things done. Usually I’m not into web applications too much, but what I have to show you now is just an amazingly efficient productivity tool that you need to check out.

What I am going to show you is a todo list app. Now I know that it sounds lame, but hear me out! Some of the most popular todo applications are often bloated with dozens of features, and navigating through them all just to do a simple task like planning out your day becomes frustratingly difficult. Then we have Teux Deux (to-do).

What’s so special about Teux Deux?

Besides the odd name, Teux Deux to me is a very special todo manager. I have been through countless organizers, calendars and other todo mangers, but this by far has worked the best for me so far.

The thing that I think is so special about this todo manager in particular is its simplicity. With Teux Deux, you have the ability to plan out your whole week, but the way that you can do it is unique I think.

This is the simple interface of your list after you have signed up for a free account.

Simple todo list manager: Teux Deux

As you can see, it looks pretty simple. It’s a column based app, which I think is pretty unique for a todo list manager. Under each day, there is a text box where you simply type the task you want to do for that day, hit enter, and it adds it to your list.

With such an easy to use interface, and how organized it actually is, you really want to think twice before you call it “just another pointless todo list application.”

You can check out a better presentation of their features through the video they made. It is very well presented, and quite convincing. View the video on their website.

Tips for making the best of Teux Deux

I have been using this for almost a week now, and I have really been getting things done. Here are my best tips for using this web app.

  • Set your todo list as your browsers homepage. The one thing that I have always disliked about putting my schedule online is that they are never “in your face” enough. Now every time I open my browser, I see the list of things I need to accomplish that day, and my tasks for the day will be better stuck in my head.
  • If you don’t complete a task one day, don’t worry about losing it. Any tasks you don’t complete on the day you assigned, it will be moved to the next day automatically.
  • There is a featured called “Someday” which will allow you to create tasks where you can place in a box farther down the page. Anything you create in the “Someday” section will sit there until you move them into your schedule. It’s a great feature to use for things you want to do, but don’t know when you will get around to it.

The Importance of a Blogging Schedule

I have always supported the idea of creating a blogging schedule. I would be lost without having something to guide me on the tasks for the day. Sure, schedules can sometimes get too controlling, and maybe add pressure onto you to get everything listed done. But, I think if you really love what you do, this won’t happen too often.

I have even said that creating a schedule is one of the best ways to become a more effective and efficient blogger. If you read that post and setup a daily schedule for yourself, how do you think that has improved your workflow as a blogger?

Keeping up with your schedule

The other problem I see a lot with creating schedules is how we follow through with it. Sure, at first we are excited to have a schedule for ourselves. But over time we tend to stray away from it thinking we have a lot of our routine memorized.

I think that a problem with many ways we keep up with a schedule is how we manage it. Whether or not we write it out on sticky notes, or use an application with a complex interface, we just get tired of managing it constantly. That’s what I think the people at Teux Deux were thinking of when they created it: create a simple interface that is easily manageable. They definitely did that.

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Teux Deux? Productivity? What do you think?

Many of you are against todo lists I’m sure. The first person I showed Teux Deux to told me that todo lists are not for them. But I really hope that you at least sign up for a free account and give it a shot. Take my tip seriously, set it as your homepage. Try it for one day, I think you will like it.

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