How Being Happy can Make you a Better Blogger

by Alex

Blogging is hard work, and it can really take a lot out of you after doing it for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that at one point or another, you weren’t very motivated to blog one day and you either did a bad job, or nothing at all.

I know I have days like that. Even after blogging for almost a year, there are still times where I’d rather not even open my blog.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love my blogs just as much as you love yours. And I have a secret that keeps that love going, and keeps me with my blogs. Everyone can relate to this secret as well, some more than others. What am I talking about?


Do you have any of that? Now, I’m not a psychologist or anything, but I do have enough happiness in my life to tell you that it is the key to unlocking a lot of other necessary emotions to keep you going with your work.

Lighten up, it’s work time

Blogging is a very laid back thing to do in my opinion, so you have limitless ways of doing it. With all of that freedom, I find it hard to actually get around to when the time comes, so I have to prepare myself in a way for “work.”

Being a student in high school, I have a lot more free time than many other bloggers because I have less responsibilities like paying bills, or a job for example. That obviously helps me with the whole “being happy” thing, but there are other things you can think about besides not paying bills to get you ready for blogging!

Think of the future

Going back to having a job here – wouldn’t it be nice to blog as your career? It’s all a dream of ours to do something like that isn’t it? I can tell you right now, I don’t want to turn 18 and have to go work in a restaurant, or be a bag boy at Shop Rite. I do know I want to work as a blogger right from home one day, and it’s thinking like that that gets me pumped up to start blogging.

Now think of the future of your blog. What do you want your blog to be like in six months? What about a year from now? It’s all about setting goals for yourself and thinking about the future where you have hopefully achieved that goal and are enjoying the benefits of it.

If you can just think about these things every day before you start getting to work, I promise your workflow will be a lot smoother and you will be happy to put more effort into this work.

More tips to get ready for “work”
  • Listen to music that gets you pumped - Music is my number one motivator, and without it, I wouldn’t feel as ready for work as I would with it.
  • Build your ego a bit - Too large of an ego isn’t the best thing, but sometimes when I really just can’t get in the mood to work I need a little ego boost. I go through my blog and read some comments or emails that congratulate me on my work, and it makes me feel good about what I am about to do.
  • Enjoy the small victories - Take everything that happens on your blog the most positive way possible. If you gained five subscribers overnight, pat yourself on the back. Maybe a post got 20 comments – jump up and down with excitement! Be happy about every little thing that goes right on your blog and make a big deal about it.
  • Have a goal sheet for the day - I make a todo list on my whiteboard, and before I shut my computer down for the night – I go through my email and my blogs and write down what I need to get done the next day. Before I start working, I look at my list and see what needs to be done. Nothing is more motivating than checking something off of a todo list, so I really advise that you make one of some sort and keep it around so you can cross tasks off of it and get excite to keep going!
  • Check up on your role model(s) - Who inspires you? There are a lot of cool people out there who you can look up to because of their success, and hopefully that is enough to get you ready for some blogging.

Are you happy to blog?

When you turn your computer on, how are you feeling? Do you constantly feel eager to start working? Or are you kind of bummed you have to write an 800 word article about the same thing you have been writing about for 11 months?

If you can’t seem to get interested into what you are blogging about, even after trying some of the tips I talked about, you should do some self-evaluating and determine whether or not blogging is actually for you. Or if you are blogging about the right topic.

How do you get ready?

I shared a few things I like to do before I get started to work on my blogs. Now I’m asking you – what do you do? I would love to hear some of your ideas! We’re all different, so I am sure there are plenty of great ideas here.

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