A Quick 4 Step Plan for Beating “Bloggers Crash”

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    Key Points

    • It's important to get through a "crash" that you figure out what the problem is that is stopping you from working.
    • Once you find what the issue is, ask yourself how it is stopping you from your work. This is really useful information for you to know in order to get back into the swing of things.
    • Come up with a plan on how to solve the problem you are facing. Make it as detailed as possible and set goals with each step. Remember, you need to get whatever it is that's stopping you off your mind as soon as possible.
    • Once everything is planned out, relax. Take a day off, don't even turn your computer on and do something that eases your mind.


    Sometimes when there is a problem we are going through, it follows us to work and prevents us from working at maximum efficiency. I call this "bloggers crash," and in this article - I go through a four step process of getting through it.


by Alex

I‘m a busy guy. I go to school five days a week, manage a growing blog and have a freelance business really getting off the ground fast. I have deadlines to meet in everything I do, and it’s pretty stressful sometimes. So here I am, sitting on my bed writing this post at the last minute.

I am beat guys, and I don’t know if I’m approaching anything the right way anymore.

I like to call what I’m going through right now “bloggers crash.” Basically, when there is so much work to do you just don’t know where to begin and don’t get much of anything done. That’s how I have been feeling lately, but I have been keeping up with it all. Just not the way I prefer.

I think every blogger at some point in their career will go through this. A blog is not an easy thing to manage and does suck up a lot of time. And if it’s not your only commitment, then it’s only going to get tougher.

I have really been doing my best to get back in touch with everything, and I would like to say that I have figured out a way through it. Bloggers crash is really harmful to a blog as it can really stop someone from working. I came up with a four-step process to help you get on the right path again. It’s working for me so far, and if you ever experience this issue one day, look back on this guide to overcome it.

Step 1: Finding what’s bothering you

This is or isn’t the easiest thing to come up with. For me, I was way overworked and very tired. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same for you as it’s a really common problem.

Of course, it all depends on you and how you’re doing in life. More factors than “low traffic” or “too few comments per post” can cause you to not want to work. Maybe there’s something bothering you in your life that leads to a sadness or just a feeling of laziness. I know I have been a little sad these last few days myself – for non-blogging/work reasons too.

It’s important that you’re honest with yourself and admit that there is something holding you back from your work. Don’t go onto step two without figuring this out!

Step 2: Ask yourself “How is this stopping me from working?”

Once you know what is ailing you, reflect on why it might be bringing you down so much. I found that once I analyzed this and came up with reasons why I couldn’t bring myself to do what needed to be done, I could focus on either solving those problems or figuring out how to work around them.

I have too much work to do between blogging, freelancing and school that it made me tired and not up to completing any of the tasks at hand. With that realization made, I can work my way into the next step.

Step 3: Come up with a plan

Any problem is solved by coming up with an organized plan, or strategy. We told ourselves what are problem was, and we figured out how it was preventing us from working. Now it’s time to come up with a game plan.

Chances are, the problem you’re having is really hitting you hard – so you have to figure out a way to solve it as soon as possible. I broke it down into a few steps.

1. Setting priorities - School takes up most of my day during the week, and I also have to work on freelance projects when I’m done my school work. Pretty much all of my blogging tasks are done on the weekend, so that’s a lot of my mind during the week.

Setting priorities is important because you know what needs to get done first, and chances are – they get done. You may be interested in a schedule, and for that I suggest you read my guide to creating a blogging schedule for some great tips.

2. Set goals in each field - In your plan, set goals for each step. What do you want to achieve after each step? How will accomplishing your task in step one effect the goal of step two?

3. Do whatever it takes to stay motivated - Do what makes you happy when you work, and try your best to look at all of the positives in what you’re doing. You’re blogging, so there’s plenty of them to think of!

With a game plan set, you’re ready to move on to step four. Step four may not be what you expect though.

Step 4: Now take a break and reflect

Everyone always preaches how important “acting now” is, but I have discovered that sometimes acting later is just as beneficial. I also feel that if you are going through a “crash,” then you need some time to relax and get your mind straight again.

Honestly, all I did last Saturday was wake up early, eat breakfast and watched the sunrise while playing some relaxing music. Later on, I went out and saw a live recording of a band play at my uncle’s work. I disconnected email from my phone, and I didn’t go on the internet at all. See, music is my best bet for relaxation and I think that listening to it all day really got my head out of the gutter.

Try to do whatever you can that makes you most relaxed. Don’t worry about being offline all day or not being able to write. It’s important to understand that your blog will not collapse if you miss one day of being on it.

When you do decide to go back to blogging, you will have your plan ready to be carried out and hopefully some motivation to do it.

Work Smarty & Reduce Risk of Crashing

After my recovery from this crash happens, I’m really going to try my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I know I won’t let it happen again, and I know this because I am learning better self-discipline and am learning to cut down on the amount of work I do. Maybe it will best for us to work less even?

But who knows? Maybe it’s a good thing that all of us go through this at least once. It’s a great way to learn your limitations, and even find out if blogging is what you definitely want to continue on with. If you crash a lot, then you should seriously reconsider what you are doing.

But trust me, just because you aren’t motivated one day doesn’t mean you should give up. Carry the lessons of your blogging crash around with you, and it will be easy to prevent or quickly get over future crashes.

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