The Power of Recycling Posts

by Alex

The idea of moving older posts to the top of your blog is something that is more powerful than many bloggers think. While implementing this idea on your blog comes with many great benefits – it also may start some negative things within you as well.

So some of the benefits of republishing blog posts to the top seem pretty obvious. You can get more hits on a post, and more comments for sure. But looking deeper into this process (my favorite part of blogging), there are really more benefits to doing this than some may think there to be.

It’s Good Self Reflection

I have recycled two posts on Blogussion. The first post, my favorite post, entitled “5 Funny Things Bloggers Do To Make Their Blog Look More Official” and the second and more recent republish, “6 Lessons I Learned From Walking On Crutches That Tie Into Blogging.”

Both of those posts were posts that were written months ago. Since those posts were written, my perspective on blogging has changed completely and my tone and style of writing has had some changes to it as well.

I thought it was cool looking back at my old posts and seeing where they have brought me today as a writer. If you do decide to recycle a blog post, read it and see how you wrote in the past.

That topic may be more relevant now

Some of us write about things that may not be very important or highly thought of at the time of publishing. But as time goes on, something may have happened that made that topic talked about more and more.

You should always want your posts to excel, and I believe that if you get a chance to make any of your blog posts popular, go for it. Look through your blog and see if you have some older posts that got little attention, and may be talked about more today. It might be hard to find, but if you have been blogging consistently for over a year, your chances are better than most.

You show new audiences older posts

Most people who just visited your blog won’t go back to look through all of your archives (well, we have a reader who did), so you will have an opportunity to show these people new content by recycling. Obviously they won’t know it’s older, but you will still be giving them a taste of the past.

How to Properly Recycle

There is more than just resetting the date on a post to recycle. If you take the time to follow these steps below, you may see a better result in your posts.

  1. Find a special post
  2. Find a post that you think is really great and you like it a lot. Even look for posts that you think could have done better on your blog (get more views or comments) and use those.

  3. Update if necessary
  4. Some information may have lost its credibility over time. It does not make you look good if you have a post with information that pertained only to a certain time period.

  5. Add something new
  6. You still have to keep in mind that you will have readers on your blog who have seen that post before. Add a new opening paragraph to it, or just keep adding additional information wherever you see it necessary. Now, you will have old readers who will still learn something new.

  7. Use previous feedback to expand
  8. If the post has comments in them, search through the comments and see what your readers thought of it. If they said something like “You forgot to mention…” or “My opinion is…,” use them. Make sure to keep any feedback in mind, and absolutely make some changes.

Recycling is powerful, but do so sparingly

This method is really great for your blog. It can bring life back to old posts and create plenty of great conversations in your blog. Just remember to do this sparingly and don’t get crazy about the method.

I would recommend if you do choose to recycle, do it one in a period of 11/2 to 2 months. You still have to remember about the older readers of your blog, and there will be some people who have already seen this content.

One last tip for you – if you do recycle, do it only on days where you absolutely cannot get around to writing an article yourself. Recycling takes less time and effort to do than editing a guest post, so you can knock out a successful recycle in no time.

Are blogs the right place for recycling?

This idea may be new to some people, and absurd to others. I would love to hear your opinions on this, and would be even more interested in seeing if anyone has done this technique yet. Share your experiences here, I’d like to know I’m not the only one in the blogosphere who recycles!

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