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    Great SEO Tools

    The three tools I talk about in this article are:

    • The Thesis theme for WordPress makes editing meta information for your articles a breeze, and has a ton of other great SEO benefits.
    • Scribe SEO is a plugin that acts as your very own SEO coach. It grades your post on how well you followed the SEO principles it sets.
    • Interlinking blog posts is made easy by Insights, which allows you to search for posts by keyword right from your admin panel.


    There is a lot to optimizing a blog post for search engines. The better optimized your posts are, the better the traffic those search engines will send you. In this article, I go over three different tools I use to help boost the visibility of my content in search engines.


by Alex

When it comes to writing content, you have a lot of things you need to take into consideration before publishing that final draft onto your blog. The one thing you need to consider before publishing anything is whether or not your article is ready to be seen by many people.

There are a lot of ways an article can bring in traffic. It can be from social media websites, a mention on another blog, link directories, newsletters, etc. However, there is one method of driving traffic to a blog that is pretty difficult to wrap your head around.

Search engine traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tricky subject to say the least, but it’s a method that can bring thousands of visitors to your blog easily. Do you know what the only thing you need to do to achieve SEO greatness is? Keep writing blog content.

When it comes down to it, all that truly matters for good SEO is good content. It’s not about writing content that humans will enjoy for SEO, it’s about writing content that search engines will enjoy (but don’t get me wrong, always put the humans first).

Because of the confusion that this topic causes, there are many bloggers out there who simply do not understand how SEO works. With that lack of understanding, many ignore it, and many approach it the wrong way. Lucky for us (yes, I consider myself a pretty dumb SEO’er), there are people who understand how search engines work and are nice enough to help us dumb-dumbs rank better within the search engines.

For you today, I have a list with three of the absolute best tools there are out there for making SEO seem almost easy and effortless. I use all three of them here on Blogussion, and so far I have been pretty pleased with the results of each.

1. The Thesis Theme for WordPress

Thesis theme for wordpressYou guys are probably tired of hearing about it, but Thesis has had such a huge impact on the SEO of my blog that I can’t help but mention it anytime I bring up search engines!

I won’t go over the millions of things Thesis does to help your SEO, but I will tell you the one feature that is particularly useful to your content.

One of the coolest things that Thesis has to offer are the extra options it adds into the post screen section of your blog. You can add a custom title tag, meta descriptions and post tags to match the content of your article. Those three things have an impact on how well your content can rank in the search engines, and Thesis makes dealing with those important things easy.

Buy the Thesis theme →

A simpler alternative

If you don’t own Thesis (what are you, crazy?), you’re still in luck. There are plugins out there that have the same features Thesis does to your post screen to help you better your SEO for articles. There is a plugin for WordPress called All in One SEO which is a must have plugin for any WordPress user not on Thesis (as Thesis eliminates the need for All in One SEO).

2. Scribe SEO

I have just recently started using Scribe SEO to optimize my articles, but I have to tell you – it is one of the most useful services I have signed up for in a long time.

Scribe SEO

Scribe basically acts as your very own SEO instructor. It analyzes your content, and grades you on the optimization of your article. It then works with you, generating a list of things you can do to improve your article for the search engines until you have a “perfect SEO score.”

Scribe checks the obvious things like your post title, meta descriptions and post tags. But the cool thing is it even looks over the minor details of your post that can affect your SEO.

Did you know, for instance, that a good SEO practice is to add at least 1-2 hyperlinks towards the beginning of your article? I didn’t, but Scribe has taught me little tricks like that, and so much more.

The only thing is, Scribe is a paid service. There are monthly subscriptions, but it is well worth the money to have a tool that will help you with the SEO of your articles as much as Scribe does. I will write a more detailed review of Scribe later, because I just flat-out love this service.

Like any good service, there is a free trial for Scribe available if you would rather try it out before you buy it.

Useful Scribe Links:

3. Insights Interlinking Plugin

Insights is a totally free plugin that helps you do one thing: interlink. Interlinking blog posts is a technique that helps older articles on your blog with a few main things:

  • Drive traffic back to your older articles.
  • Helps search engines get to your older content and increase PageRank, index them (if for some odd reason they were never indexed), etc.
  • If you choose a specific set of keywords to link back to that article, those links will help you rank for those chosen keywords in search engines.

Interlinking without any tools to guide you can be tricky if you have a lot of posts on your blog. We can’t remember every single article we write on our blog to interlink, so that’s where Insights comes in.

The plugin adds a new menu to your post screen that has a search bar in it. With this search bar, you can type in keywords of posts you want to find so you can interlink to in your current article. Not only that, you can search Google and many other sources right from your admin panel.

This plugin makes interlinking a breeze, and I recommend it to every single one of you reading this article.

Internal Linking

That’s what I use

Those are the three amazing tools I use here to prepare my articles for a run in the search engines. Even though two of them are paid for, they will pay off for you immensely with proper use. If a 16-year-old kid can afford them, I’m sure you can too.

Are there any SEO tools you use in particular? There are more that I have found, but I chose to limit this article to just these three major ones. But I would love to hear what you guys use to optimize your content.

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