From Planning to Earning

With this free course, you will learn everything from starting a blog to creating a passive income from it. This is our web guide, where you will learn about a variety of different topics about blogging, as well as get access to the best tools around. Be sure to check out our free 10 day eCourse, where you will learn the best ways to make money blogging.

From Planning to Earning

Want to Check Your Progress?
WorkbookAs you progress through From Planning to Earning, you may want to take some notes from everything you learn in this guide. For that reason, we have written a great workbook for you to use and learn from. You can fill in any information you’d like, and there are even great learning tools for you to use included in the book. It’s basically an extension of anything you can learn from our web based guide. It’s totally free too, get it here!

  • Learn to Blog

    Learn to Blog

    Learn from the best resources and articles has to offer. Topics covered include marketing your blog, optimizing your blog for search engines, building a community and more.

    Topics Recommended for bloggers of any experience

  • Setup your Blog

    Setup your Blog

    The best way to build a strong, powerful blog is to have the right tools and resources to do it. Learn where to get the best free and paid resources for your WordPress powered blog.

    Topics Recommended for bloggers of any experience

    • 1. Platform

      The best software to power your blog.

    • 2. Domains

      The safest places to register domain names.

    • 3. Web Hosting

      Safe, affordable blog hosting services.

    • 4. Blog Design

      The best sites to grab premium themes’ from.

    • 5. Plugins

      Useful plugins, services and other tools for your blog.

    • 6. Books

      Popular eBooks for top-quality education.

Earn Money Blogging

  • Day 1: What it takes

    Making money is difficult, so you need to know what is expected to do it.

  • Day 2: Prep your Community

    Why you need an audience that trusts you to make money blogging.

  • Day 3: Your Blog Design

    Optimizing your design with making money in mind.

  • Day 4: The “No-Ad Approach”

    How banner ads are harmful to your money making intentions.

  • Day 5: Building your List

    The money is in the list, and we tell you how to build one.

  • Day 6: Affiliate Marketing Pt. 1

    Earning income with almost no effort. Easy to get into, hard to maximize.

  • Day 7: Affiliate Marketing Pt. 2

    The second part to earning money through affiliate links.

  • Day 8: Selling a Product Pt 1

    How to earn big by selling your own blogging product.

  • Day 9: Selling a Product Pt. 2

    The second part to earning money by selling a product.

  • Day 10: DIYincome

    How thinking outside of the box makes you the most money blogging.