Do You Have What it Takes to Make Money Blogging?

Day 1: Are you up to the challenge?

So, are you ready to step into the field of making money from your blog? It’s such a fulfilling thing to do regardless of how much you make. I still remember the excitement that rushed through me when I made my first affiliate sale. But we’ll talk about affiliate marketing later.

But just because you want something, doesn’t mean you will get it. The harsh reality behind making money from your blog is that it doesn’t happen the way you want it to happen. It doesn’t happen as fast as you want either, and it may not even make you as much as you were hoping for.

But all of that is true for nearly everything you do on your blog. You had to build your audience, and that takes time. Your articles didn’t earn all of the comments they now receive in a short period of time. Chances are you had to keep writing, marketing, working hard, and of course, waiting to get your blog to the point it is now.

So why can’t you apply that same concept to the way you make money?

The Truth is, You Deserve to Make Money Blogging

All bloggers deserve to make money. Well, just the hard working ones at least. I mean, we put many hours into our blogs every week and not many of us actually earn a penny from it.

Yes, blogging is a hobby for most. And no, a hobby isn’t always profitable. But why can’t you make it? If you have the ideas, the passion, and the commitment to your blog then you deserve to make money.

But again, just because we want something or even deserve it doesn’t mean we will get it.

Unfortunately many people don’t have what it takes to actually make money. They may have what it takes to start, and may even make a little money. But who is living the dream earning $2.70 a month?

There are actually a few distinct qualities that you need to have in order to stick with your blog and make money from it. Most bloggers drop out after putting in their time every day and earning little to nothing.

But if you have the following qualities, working seemingly endless hours with no compensation won’t phase you a bit.

The 10 Qualities of a Future Earner

  1. Patience
    Money doesn’t fall into your lap. You have to to be more patient than you have ever been. It took me a year of consistent blogging before I started earning money from Blogussion.
  2. Commitment
    This goes beyond staying committed to your “making money schemes,” but staying committed to your blog. Your blog is your cash crop, and needs your constant focus. You can’t drop it, or leave it for dead; you just need to stay committed to blogging.
  3. Optimism
    Things don’t always go right, or the exact way you want them to. Things may not work out in your favor all of the time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a brighter side to it. As long as you have the uncanny ability to always see the positive side in a negative situation, you have a real advantage that many others lack.
  4. Acceptance
    No matter what happens, you can accept it. This goes in with optimism, and basically shows how well you can react to failure. Do you react by accepting the outcome, or spend time regretting a decision? The future earners can accept whatever happens.
  5. Innovation
    You can’t play the game as a conformist, you have to be innovative. Introduce something new to the table. As hard as this is in the saturated niches’ of todays blogosphere, just adding your own unique point of views can really go a long way.
  6. Bravery
    You need to have courage. For some, being brave is talking to a high profile blogger. For others, its voicing their opinion on a controversial topic. Fearing nothing means you are willing to go out and get what you want.
  7. Perseverance
    Perseverance is possibly one of the most important traits a successful blogger can have. The more you can work through difficult times and tasks, the more meaningful work you can get done.
  8. Passion
    If you aren’t passionate about your topic, you can never expect to make money from it. You can’t even expect to make a blog successful if you haven’t found
  9. Failure
    Failure is important. It’s important to know what does and doesn’t work. You learn from your mistakes, and you never make them again. Failure is often a negative thing, but being the future earner you are (and because being optimistic, perseverant, and accepting won’t let failure hurt you), it will be a more positive experience than negative.
  10. Vision
    Do you know where you want your blog to be? What you want it to be? Don’t work without goals or direction, have a vision for what you would like to become one day.

Making money is not easy. We wanted to start this course off with this article so you can assess your self and determine whether or not you really have what it takes to make money. Hopefully you don’t feel discouraged, but it’s better to tell you that there is a lot of work and many hardships you will face now than find it out later.

Keep in mind that making money is not impossible. Literally anyone can do it, as long as they have the 10 qualities of a future earner down pat.

The last point I want to get across to you may be the most important of anything else I have said so far. It’s crucial you work by the following words each and every day you open your blog:

You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be you.

Take a moment to determine what that may mean, and how that applies to the work you produce on your blog.

  • Day 1

    Day 1

    What it takes to Make Money Blogging

    Do you have the required mindset in order to make money blogging? This article should give you an idea, as well as the motivation to really get into the money-making state of mind.

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Get Ready for Day 2
Hopefully today’s lesson has gotten to you. It may be the most important lesson in this whole course. Now that you have the motivation to get working and know what it takes to make money blogging, you are ready to actually take action. Tomorrow we are going to discuss the importance of building your community and how your readers are the key to making money.