The Importance of Strong Communities & How to Build Them

Creating a community

Today, you are going to learn the importance of a community on your blog and how they tie into how you make money from your blog. Simply put, you can’t make money without an audience on your blog. The community of PEOPLE are who visit your blog are where the money is.

The community on your blog is not just one group. It is a community divided by sub-communities of different people getting and spreading your content in different ways. For instance:

  • Your RSS readers are a community of their own.
  • Your email subscribers and newsletter subscribers are all their own community.
  • The people who follow you on Twitter are their own community.
  • Anyone who comments on your blog is part of their own community.
  • Pretty much anybody who visits your community is a part of your community.

Now, some communities on your blog are more active than others. Your community of RSS subscribers may not visit your blog as much as someone who comments on every post. And your Twitter community may spread your content more than than those in your Digg community.

The object of knowing these trends and factoring them into your money making plans are very important to actually see any results.

Blogging to the Third Power

Blogging to the Third Power is an eBook that stresses the importance of building a reliable community & how to build one.

Build these Communities

Building a powerful community that may one day earn you money is something you need to start to do immediately. If you worry too much on other things and don’t give the readers of your blog the attention they need, you won’t find yourself making money as fast as you want.

But just because you have an active community of commenters who publish 50+ comments onto each post doesn’t mean that community is going to make your money. You can have a community who reads your articles thoroughly and always says something nice about you, but never spend any money at all.

There is a difference between creating a community that just absorbs your content and one that earns you money. Generally, a community that earns you money has more trust in you and has a more respect for you, so they don’t mind putting their money into things you recommend to them.

The Role of Trust in Your Communities

Trust is the single most important thing that can form between you and your audience. Besides making you money, trust is what brings people to your content and actually encourages them to go out and do something with the knowledge you shared with them.

Think of the last time you bought something at a store. Why did you pick that specific store to go to? Chances are, you could have gotten the same product elsewhere. But there was something about this particular store that made you choose them over the others. Was it trust?

Anything you can do to make yourself seem like the best in your niche, do it. The more you can connect with your readers – either directly or indirectly, the more trust will form between you.

The beauty of owning a blog and trying to make money from it is that you don’t actually have to talk to a person directly to make them “like” you. All you need to do is build your blog the best you can and offer the absolute best content possible.

They will like you and respect you. Getting to know them on a personal level is just an added bonus. Nearly every sale of my product and every sale I get through my affiliate programs are from people who I have never met before. But because they read my blog and they know I only want to give them the best, they trust me and they are willing to spend their money because of that.

I guarantee you, a trusting audience is all you need to make money blogging. That’s it.

How to Build Trust in Your Audience

I have said it over and over that the more people who trust you means the more people who will feel comfortable spending money on things they find through your blog. For some, it’s unclear on how to build trust. Yes, writing articles and keeping your blog up to date is crucial. But there is more to it than just the content you put out.

Over the course of Blogussion, I have built a community that loves me, trusts me and respects me. As a result, I have created a few different income streams for myself and have earned a low 5 figure income from this blog alone in the year 2010. These are the things I did to create the community that was willing to provide this money in exchange for my time.

1. I Wanted it

I want to make money from my blog. I wanted to be able to make enough where I could someday support myself. The easiest way to get something is by wanting it. And I want this success more than anything else in the world.

By working at it every single “work” day (I don’t know if the term work is suitable for what I do), I can get closer and closer to achieving everything I want. When you want something, what do you do? Do you try to get it? Do you wait for it to fall into your lap? Or do you get it?

There is a specific mindset you need to follow. When it comes to wanting something, you don’t try to get it; you just get it. Nothing ever good comes from trying to get something, only getting it.

So how badly do you want to make money from your blog? Do you want to do it? Or do you want to just mess around?

2. Build a Community With No Intention of Making Money

This is one of the most important things I did. I built my blog like I never expected it to make a single penny. I didn’t use a single affiliate link, sell a single banner ad or write a review until I thought my blog was ready for it; until my community was.

I did try to do them all before my community was actually ready, and the results were less than satisfactory. I did have a pretty established blog by the first time I sold a banner ad, but the money I made was not worth the space it took up. So my community, and image even suffered a bit.

But the more you build your blog without the focus on making money from it, the more clear minded you will be to work on the things that matter – your readers, your content, your marketing tactics; basically anything that will help move your blog forward.

3. Stay Personable and Approachable

The community wants you. They want a human behind the blog, someone they can trust. So by offering many methods of communicating, you are showing how social you would like to be and in turn, creating more trust.

For some reason, people like to know who the person is who publishes articles to a blog. Maybe you wouldn’t mind, but there are people who do like to see more than just an author bio at the end of each post. So why not cater to them and get your face out there a bit more?

Honestly, would you ever consider reading a blog that has absolutely no personality, no human side and makes no real attempt to try and connect with an audience? Basically, would you like to read a blog that writes content for search engines and throws in an affiliate link every couple words?

No, because articles like that have no value. There is value in showing off your personality in your writing style. There is value adding a picture of yourself to your about page. It’s the little things like that which count the most, and keep you looking like a blogger who actually cares (because you do…hopefully).

4. Create an Atmosphere in Which People will Enjoy

The more presentable your blog is to others and the more effort that is put into making a visit to your blog a memorable experience, the better people will react to your blog overall.

You can create a good atmosphere on your blog in a lot of different ways. You can start by having a nice design that’s easy on the eyes. It keeps things organized and doesn’t have clutter to it. Basically, have a nice presentation.

If you can amaze people with just one really good article on your blog, one of two (or both) things can happen:

  1. The reader will subscribe to your RSS feed, maybe even try to join in on the community through a comment, or even fill out your contact form to tell you what a great job you did with that article.
  2. They won’t quite subscribe to your RSS feed, but they do leave the article and search your blog for some more information either related to or completely different than the first article.

This means that by simply providing a good experience to a reader (who is often a complete stranger who you have never interacted with before), you have them going through your blog in search of something else to be amazed by.

Think of doing that, but on a larger scale. With people searching your blog for great content, they may stumble upon some affiliate links to buy off of, or even find a product of your own to buy. Chances are, they will spread the content over a site like Twitter and bring even more people to possibly do the same thing.

5. Constantly Over-Deliver

Over-delivering on your blog is the key to creating excitement and really building more authority quicker. By “over-deliver,” I mean you provide a lot more than what a user would expect from you normally.

So if your blog usually pumps out 700+ word articles, try writing an 1,000+ word article with a 10 minute video attached at the end. If you offer a newsletter, create a free course and web guide to go along with it (like our approach to From Planning to Earning). Do what no one expects, and do it well.

The point of over-delivering is that nobody necessarily wanted all of the extra information you are providing. Why did we go so over the top to provide a this beautiful course to you? For free? It’s because this technique works, and we gave you more than what you probably wanted. That’s why you’re reading this far down the page, isn’t it?

Your Communities are Everything

Never take a single reader on your blog for granted. If you only get 1-2 comments per article, don’t be ashamed. Be grateful, because they could be potential buyers one day.

Making money will never come until you grab hold of your community. The more people who trust you, the more people that will be reading your blog. The more people who read your blog, the more room you have to make moves that will make you money.

Remember, a community of 1,000 RSS readers where only about 100 of them visit the blog isn’t as good as a community of 500 RSS readers where 250 read. It’s all about how many people trust you, and how well of a community person you actually are.

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Just One More Step…
It is my goal to make sure you are as prepared as possible to make money from your blog. Today, and yesterday were all about preparation to actually make money. So many bloggers dive into blog monetization without knowing the tips mentioned in these articles. So, I want to make sure you have one key element down that will help you create a profitable blog: a design. I’ll see you tomorrow with some of my best tips and advice for maximizing your design for monetization techniques.