The Surprising Impact of a Blog Design in Your Money Making Efforts

Organized Design

Surprisingly, the design of your actual blog has a lot to do with how you can make money from your blog. While many people focus on optimizing their content and creating the best products to sell, a very overlooked aspect of making money is the design in which you present all of that content.

While you don’t have to have a design that is featured in design galleries, or even have flashy illustrations all around it, you do have to have a design that gets content across in an easy fashion. This also ties into how readers navigate throughout your blog.

Generally, the money is made where your content is (not the actual content itself). Without content, you won’t have any means of making money (keep in mind, content isn’t exactly a big money-maker these days). Content is just what builds your community and readership, as you learned in day 2.

So because content is so important, you have to have a blog design that delivers it well. A blog design doesn’t directly relate to how you make money, but it plays a more indirect role and is a key element to setting yourself up in a position that will make you money.

How to be a rockstar WordPress designer

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The 5 Crucial Elements to a Money-Making Design

There are at least five things you will want to ensure your blog design has to it in order to have a good shot at it aiding you to any type of income.

1. Emphasis on Content

Content is so important to your blog that it needs everything pointing in its direction. Content builds your community and your reputation/authority. As you learned in day 2, those are both things you must have in order to have any hopes to make money.

So the larger the spotlight you can put on the design of your main content, the better your readers will be able to see what your blog is all about. That design focus is not only on the actual area where your articles go, but anywhere you have some important content.

Put focus on your opt-in forms, on your affiliate links, the subscription boxes and especially your logo. Keep the readers eyes where they should be and direct them towards the places that will make you some money.

2. Simple Structure

The simpler you can make your design, the easier it will be for people to move around your blog. The clearer the navigation means the more pages on your blog that will get a visit.

If it is easy to distinguish your content area from the rest of your site, then you already have a good basic structure. If people can look at something on your design and know what is going on immediately, you also have good basic structure.

The faster someone can recognize what is going on in your blog and get to where you want them to be in order to become a part of your community, the better off you will be.

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support CommunityThe Thesis Theme for WordPress is one of the best themes in terms of simple structure. It is a framework, and allows you to easily change the amount of columns, site layout, colors, and much more all within your admin panel.

3. Looks Good

Every element of your design should look good. From the blog homepage to your contact form, everything needs to be in tip-top shape for the most professional look possible.

Most bloggers stop putting effort into design after the homepage and posts page are done. This isn’t true. The more convincing you can make your about page and even contact page look, the more people you will get to actually use them.

This is especially true for any kind of page where you market a product or offer a resource on. The more professional your pages look, the more seriously you will be taken by your potential customers.

4. Memorability

After someone leaves your blog, what do you think will be the one thing they remember about your design? If you’re lucky, they will remember something. Sometimes it isn’t always the design, but there’s a good chance you will be remembered for either something you did with your blog design or a piece of content you offered.

So what would it be? Your logo? The color scheme? Maybe you have some really nice typography in your design that some people appreciate. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as people will remember it.

Memorability goes alongside a brand. Many people remember Blogussion for the organized design, great use of shadows and gradients, as well as the odd color scheme. Those are how Blogussion brands itself, and that is why the design works; people remember it!

It also doesn’t hurt that we also sell an inspired copy of our theme to other blogs, replicating our brand on hundreds of other blogs out there.

5. Easily Expandable

This is more of something that impacts you more than the actual readers of your site. How expandable is your blog just in case you need to add new content in different places?

For example, I like to use the blank space in the top header here at Blogussion to promote new things that I offer here. Right now, that space has a plug for this course. Prior to that, the space was dedicated to promoting the Blogussion Theme for Thesis.

That area of my blog is expandable, meaning I can change it later as my blog grows. This is important to keep in mind when picking or creating your own design as a blog is always growing with new pages and features, and there is no way keeping the same design through all of these changes will ever work.

The easier you can adapt your design to meet the needs of those expansions, the more you will thank yourself later.

Design Does Have Influence

A blog design is never really considered to have a great deal of impact on how you make money blogging, but it actually has quite a huge role. No, it does not directly make you money. But it allows you to present the stuff that does make you money – content, banners, products, etc., in a way that can make or break how many sales you drive through a specific source.

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Next: What doesn’t work
Before we go into the proven methods that do work, I want to just go over one thing that doesn’t work for many bloggers. That is selling banner ads on their blog before they are ready for them. These are very harmful to your community, and can even have an impact on your design. Hopefully it changes your mind about selling ads, if you aren’t having much success with them now. See you tomorrow.