DIYincome: The Way to Make Money by Just Being Yourself


Welcome to day 10, the last day of the From Planning to Earning course. Rather than go over a new tactic that millions of other bloggers use to make money, I want to talk about something that will make you think a little more deeply about the whole “making money online” thing.

I called this article DIYincome (do it yourself income) because you are actually doing it on your own train of thought and ideas. Affiliate products and selling products are great money-makers, but the real money comes from innovation in your own tactics.

Basically what I mean is think outside the box. If you have tried affiliate marketing and selling your own product with no prevail, maybe your blog just isn’t ready. Maybe it’s you who isn’t ready for it, but the point is: nothing has worked so far, so you need to be a little more innovative. That, or you didn’t take the advice I gave in day 2, and your community is not yet ready to make you money.

I can’t stress enough that you don’t need to make money as soon as your blog starts. But, you can make money from the smallest of communities if you think it’s worth it. So why not try them? As long as you know the kind of spenders they are, their interest in your form of monetization, and how dedicated they are to your blog: you can make money from them.

The following below are every single way I can think of that can make you money from your blog:

  1. Affiliate links
  2. Selling your own product
  3. Membership sites
  4. Selling banner ads
  5. Offering a service/consulting
  6. AdSense/PPC services

That’s about 6 ways of doing it, sorry if I missed anything. Now, if you make money selling banner ads or using AdSense, there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference, however, between earning a little and a lot. Basically, finding the ideal income source.

Now, the way you decide to implement any of the 6 methods above is up to you. How innovative you are is totally up to you. It’s even up to you how much money you want to make. You want 6 figures? Done. Just work towards it and you will do it, no questions asked.

The Traditional Methods Not So Traditional

Have you ever wondered why many methods like affiliate marketing, and selling banner ads don’t always do very well? It’s not because they’re not profitable techniques, thousands of bloggers make great money from these methods. It’s because most people aren’t innovative enough when it comes to implementing them.

It sounds a little unrealistic, to be innovative with things like banner ads and AdSense, but why can’t you come up with an outstanding way to display them on your site? Is it unrealistic to create a completely free resources and monetize it with affiliate links and make money? Nope, it’s just hard for many to do.

It’s hard to do because, again, many of us don’t want to think outside the box. If you read the other 9 days of this course thinking that you could implement your new knowledge and start making money just like that then you’re wrong. Courses like this are great for getting you introduced to making money, but the way you use this knowledge is totally up to you.

How to be Innovative

It’s not easy to really teach you how to be innovative in your monetization tactics, due to a lot of different factors. It all depends on what your blog is about, what way you are trying to make money and of course: how you think.

But what does it take to be innovative? Here are a few things you need to be able to do in order to get that “outside the box” mindset ready:

  • Researching: No one really likes this, but doing research of your community and finding out what sort of things like they like and even would want from you can define what product you are going to create or what you should promote through affiliate marketing.
  • Thinking: Take some time to just sit down and think. Think about whatever you would like to think about, and just brainstorm essentially. Think about things like where you want your blog to be in a few months, how doing certain things will impact your blog, just anything.
  • Doing: Innovations don’t just happen, they’re like everything else and require a lot of action. Yes, research and planning are the keys to setting yourself up for action but many people stop there. It’s all about what you do in order to show what you know, knowing what to do is only half the battle.
  • Committing: I know too many bloggers who don’t finish what they start. If, for whatever reason, you start feeling doubt about what you’re doing to make money, go back to what made you want to do it in the first place. Quitting will not get you anywhere, even if you go on to start something new.
  • Wanting More: If you achieve something, don’t stop at what you achieved. Want more. Remember why you started your journey to make money? Because you wanted to make money and you set out to do it. Maybe you have done something to make you money now, but have you stopped trying to do more?

It’s All Up to You

The information we have discussed in this 10 day course of From Planning to Earning is all meant to help you gain the knowledge and even motivation to go out there and make a name for yourself in your niche. To create and start a blog that will get your name far out there, and make you money.

But like I said, and I can’t stress it enough, this information cannot help you if you don’t do anything with it. And it will not help you if all you do is do what I have told you exactly. You need to experiment with this information and do what sounds best for you. And of course, think outside the box.

Where Does This Leave Us?
The 10 day course is over, and you may have used the other resources we provided in this behemoth guide already the best you could. Instead of receiving new emails every day from us, you will only get one email a week (every Sunday usually) with another priceless money-making tip in it via our beautifully designed newsletter. Until then, I thank you for taking part in this 10 day course, and I hope you have learned a lot!