From Planning to Earning

From Planning to Earning is a 3 part guide that covers everything from setting up your blog to making money from it. It has been broken down so that every blogger of any experience can make use of it. So if you’re already making a decent living through your blog or just starting out, there is something in our guide that you will benefit from!

The 3 sections this guide has been broken down into are: learning, setting up, and of course – making money blogging. The first two parts are covered in our web guide (which you will receive the link to upon signing up for our newsletter), and the third part is covered in the newsletter, all of which you can learn about below. ↓

From Planning to Earning

Learn how to blog | From Planning to Earning Part 1The best articles published on Blogussion have been compiled and organized in a way to teach you the most possible about the selected topic. Use this side-by-side the free eBook we have attached to From Planning to Earning and you are guaranteed to have learned a lot of new, great information.

It is important to know as much information as possible before starting your blog, or before you make any drastic changes to your current blog. The less mistakes you make now, the less time you will spend later trying to fix them up.

No, we haven’t covered every last bit of information you will ever need about anything. But we sure are trying to fill this section of From Planning to Earning up with as much useful content we can give you about the 8 topics below:

Topics Recommended for bloggers of any experience

  • 1. Blogging Basics

    An introduction to blogging.

  • 2. Technical Aspects

    Domains, web hosts, etc.

  • 3. Search Engine Optimization

    Boost your search rankings.

  • 4. Writing Content

    Becoming a better writer.

  • 5. Blog Design

    Create the perfect blog design.

  • 6. Blog Marketing

    Drive more traffic to your blog.

  • 7. Building Your Blog

    Expanding into more than just a blog.

  • 8. Earning Money

    Bring in profits from your blog.

From Planning to Earning

How to setup a blog | From Planning to EarningJust like knowledge, the tools you use to set your blog up and keep it running smoothly are vital. The better the resources you can find now, while your blog is still young means the easier and smoother the installation process will be.

In this section of our guide, we have compiled our favorite tools and resources that we have used during the time of Blogussion. We cover tools from web hosting to WordPress plugins, most of which we still use today.

Topics Recommended for bloggers of any experience

  • 1. Platform

    The best software to power your blog.

  • 2. Domains

    The safest and most affordable places to register domain names.

  • 3. Web Hosting

    Safe, reliable and affordable blog hosting services.

  • 4. Blog Design

    The best sites to grab premium themes’ from.

  • 5. Plugins & Tools

    Useful plugins, services and other tools for your blog.

  • 6. Books

    Popular eBooks for top-quality education.

From Planning to Earning

Earn Money Blogging

  • Day 1: What it takes

    Making money is difficult, so you need to know what is expected to do it.

  • Day 2: Prep your Community

    Why you need an audience that trusts you to make money blogging.

  • Day 3: Your Blog Design

    Optimizing your design with making money in mind.

  • Day 4: The “No-Ad Approach”

    How banner ads are harmful to your money making intentions.

  • Day 5: Building your List

    The money is in the list, and we tell you how to build one.

  • Day 6: Affiliate Marketing Pt. 1

    Earning income with almost no effort. Easy to get into, hard to maximize.

  • Day 7: Affiliate Marketing Pt. 2

    The second part to earning money through affiliate links.

  • Day 8: Selling a Product Pt 1

    How to earn big by selling your own blogging product.

  • Day 9: Selling a Product Pt. 2

    The second part to earning money by selling a product.

  • Day 10: DIYincome

    How thinking outside of the box makes you the most money blogging.

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