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    The Contest

    As part of Design Versus Week, a contest has been created to help spread the word about it. All you have to do is tweet the articles published during the week for a better chance to win.

    Be sure to read the post for more critical details about this contest, and for information on prizes!

    The New Blogussion Design

    At the end of Design Versus Week, Blogussion will be putting up its new design for everyone to see and enjoy.

    Design Versus Week

    Design Versus week is a special series of articles that compares two different elements of a blog design in order to find the best of the two. Articles list the advantages and disadvantages of both elements, and there will be a post published for the next 5 days on Blogussion.


by Alex

This week is a special week for Blogussion. It is the first official long-term series of posts to ever be published on the blog, and our first contest. In the one year and three and a half months this blog has been around, I have never done either of the two. But now, I want to do it, and I want you to be excited as hell for it.

Thank you to everyone who participated, you can read the winners here!

In a nutshell, Design Versus week will be a combination of a series of design related articles, as well as a contest. Those two things will be leading up to the launch of a new Blogussion design that I have been developing for the last few weeks. It’s really going to be an exciting week here.

Design Versus Week

The name sounds a little odd, but Design Versus Week will be a 5 day series of articles that will compare two different elements of a blog design in order to find the “best” of the two. There will be one post published every single day from Monday the 5th to Friday the 9th.

These articles will be directly related to the contest, which I will get into later, and our new design, which I will talk about upon launch. While designing the new Blogussion theme, I thought about many different elements and what sort of things I should try to include in the new design. That is where I derived the ideas for these match-ups, which are listed later on in this post.

The Contest

I think I have a really cool contest in store for you guys. It’s really easy to participate in, as all that is really required is you have a Twitter account. Yes, I chose to run this contest through Twitter.

The great thing about this contest is there will be three winners. A first, second and third place winner will be chosen based on how much you support Blogussion during Design Versus Week. If you really get into it and help spread the word about it, you will have a better shot at winning some of the fan-freakin’ tastic prizes I have lined up.

Because this week is all about blog design, the prizes in this contest will also be design related. It only makes sense, right? Here are the prizes:

How to Participate

After reading the awesome prizes we have, I bet you’re wondering how to join in on the contest and potentially win them. It’s very easy to participate. Like I said before, this is a Twitter based contest, so you will need a Twitter account. But I’ll break down what you need to do in more specific steps:

  1. Make sure you have a Twitter account.

    You can’t join a Twitter contest without a Twitter account! So be sure to signup if you haven’t already, or just double-check to make sure your Twitter account is still there. :)

  2. Follow us on Twitter

    It’s important that we know you’re participating, so please follow @Blogussion on Twitter now. We can’t track your entries if you do not follow us on Twitter.

  3. Retweet posts from Design Versus Week

    It’s pretty simple. As an article in Design Versus Week is published, tweet it to your followers. There will be 5 articles published as part of Design Versus Week, so for each article you tweet, that’s one extra chance you have to win a prize.

  4. blogussionvs will count your tweet

    Tweets will only be counted if the hashtag blogussionvs is included at the end. If you decide to tweet the article by clicking the “tweet it to your followers” button at the top of the article, the hashtag will be included automatically.

  5. Wait until Sunday

    Sunday, April 11th is the day the three lucky winners will be announced. Be sure to tweet each article every day of the week to increase the chance of you winning.

How Winners are Determined

The way winners are determined is easy. A service called TweetAways will be used to track this contest, and it will pick a winner randomly from everyone who has participated. It is a completely fair system, and includes everyone who meets the minimum requirements:

  1. You follow us.
  2. Your tweet mentioned @Blogussion in it.
  3. Your tweet has the hashtag blogussionvs in it.

Your tweet must include both of those keywords for your tweets to count! Don’t forget them or misspell them!

Contest Rules

Cheating is wrong, and I can guarantee you now that cheaters will not win this contest! I want this to be as fair as possible, so I will be looking to make sure that none of the following have been committed by each potential winner:

  • No duplicate accounts
  • Do not tweet with multiple accounts. Please use one account for each time you tweet. Anyone caught using multiple accounts will be disqualified!

  • No multiple tweets
  • Please tweet each article only once. Anyone caught tweeting an article multiple times will be disqualified!

  • Do not included the hashtag more than once
  • Please only add the hashtag to your tweet one time. Anyone caught adding multiple hashtags to a single tweet will be disqualified!

  • Only include the hashtag on posts from Design Versus Week
  • Don’t retweet past articles on Blogussion and add the blogussionvs hashtag to them. You can guess what will happen to those caught doing this. ;)

If you need any of these rules clarified, don’t be afraid to ask via Twitter or the comments section below.

This Week’s Schedule

Just to get you guys into the spirit for this week, I have set up a schedule for you of what to expect from Blogussion. I have the articles outlined for you and their date of publishing.

Get Notified When We Update
I highly advise you subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified of when the articles are published. The sooner you get your tweet out-of-the-way, the better!

  • Monday, April 5th

    Rebranding vs. Refreshing Your Blog Design

    A comparison between completely rebranding your blog design, or simply refreshing the look every now and then.

  • Tuesday, April 6th

    Light vs. Dark Blog Designs

    Is it better to blog with a light or dark design? The pros and cons of each will be discussed Tuesday.

  • Wednesday, April 7th

    2 Columns vs. 3 Column Layouts

    Both popular layouts for a blog design, but which is the most beneficial to your blog?

  • Thursday, April 8th

    Fat Footers vs. Small Footers

    Both have benefits that could outweigh the other, but which is the best in any situation?

  • Friday, April 9th

    Minimal vs. Compact Blog Designs

    Whitespace over blocks of space? In this post, Blogussion will be compared to my more minimalistic blog, Asnio.

  • Saturday, April 10th

    Check Your Progress

    A reminder will be published to the blog with a checklist of things you need to make sure you have done in order to have a fair shot at winning a prize.


Contest Winners Announced & Design Launched

The three winners of the competition will be announced, as well as the launch of the new Blogussion design. Design Versus Week will come to a close, and the prizes will be distributed to the winners.

Questions? Concerns? Speechless?

I hope you take advantages of Design Versus Week on Blogussion. It will be a great opportunity to learn some interesting things about certain design elements, as well as a chance to win some amazing blogging prizes.

I want you to use this post to ask any questions, post your concerns, or tell me how incredibly excited you are for Design Versus Week. I want this to be an exciting week for Blogussion, and you can help make it that way! All it takes are a few tweets.

See you tomorrow. Happy Design Versus Week!

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