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    From Planning to Earning is absolutely free. All content is delivered to you for free by email once you sign up to the course, so there is nothing you need to do but signup and take in the heaps of resources we have for you.

    You can learn more about what this guide offers, as well as signup by checking out our launch page.

    3 Part Guide

    From Planning to Earning has been broken down into 3 sections:

    • Learn - The best articles from around Blogussion have been compiled and organized into 8 different topics.
    • Setup - Tools, resources & services we recommend you look into to take your blog to the next level.
    • Earn - A 10 day eCourse and weekly newsletter to help you make money from your blog.

by Alex

It’s been a while, but it’s finally here! The From Planning to Earning course was launched to all current subscribers last night, and today I want to tell those of you who haven’t yet signed up what it’s all about, and why you need to signup for this course now!

In a nutshell, From Planning to Earning is a free guide to help bloggers of any status. If you don’t even have a blog yet, this guide will help you immensely. If you have been blogging for months, there will be something of high value for you in here too. Make money from your blog? I bet there’s something in here that can help you make more.

From Planning to Earning is for everybody, regardless of blogging status. It has been split up into 3 main sections to help you get the information you want to get without all of the extra fluff.

  • Learn
    The best articles from around Blogussion have been compiled and beautifully organized into 8 different sections. Some of the sections covered are SEO, blog design, writing, marketing and more. There is a lot to learn about blogging, and I think this section of the course will help you learn a lot.
  • Setup
    If you haven’t setup a blog, or are even looking to expand your current blog – this place is for you. I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half, and have seen some great products, services and tools that can really make a difference on your blog. I went back and compiled them all here for you to pick at.
  • Earn
    Once you have the required knowledge and tools to setup your blog, you will want to look into making money from it one day! The Earn section of the course is pretty massive, so let me explain it for you a little better:

The 2 Main Components of the Earn Section

Because talking about “making money blogging” is so saturated and there are probably dozens of other courses about it out there already, I tried to come up with a better solution than writing just a massive eBook about it.

It hit me, that I had a great opportunity to finally start building the email list here of the most dedicated Blogussion readers to give them access to the content I had in mind. I like to think I have some pretty entertaining thoughts about making money, so a newsletter-type program seemed fitting.

So I broke down how you will learn to make money from this course by splitting it into 2 other parts:

1. 10 Day eCourse

There is so much to be said about making money online, that for the first portion of the Earn section, I thought I would come up with an eCourse for you to learn from.

10 different articles have been written and every day, you will receive the link to one of the articles through your email. Each day, the lesson will be about a different element of making money from your blog. This is a lot of information guys, and there are some great ideas in this course that need to be read!

These articles were specially written for this course, so only those who signup to this course will receive this exclusive content.

I could have stopped the Earning section after this 10 day course, but after writing all of the articles for them, I realized that I still had so much more to say. So, I decided to also do this:

2. Weekly Newsletter

Every week, I will be sending you an email with another making money tip inside. Unlike the 10 day course, this content will only be viewable in your inbox, it has not been written on Blogussion.

Anything you read about in this newsletter will basically be those money-making tips I wanted to talk about in the eCourse, but couldn’t fit in. You will receive the same quality of content in this newsletter as you are used to seeing here on the blog, so don’t worry about me trying to send you spam. It will never happen.

Signup to From Planning to Earning

Need more Information? Need to Signup?

I can’t stress enough how important this course will be to you, so I want you to take a look at what I can offer you. I have spent about a month working on the content portion of this course to ensure everything is the best it can be, so I will promise you right now that you will not be disappointed with what you get!

You can read all about From Planning to Earning on the launch page, and signup. You may also signup below, in the post footer, or to the top right in the sidebar.

If you have ANY questions at all, or want to share your feedback about From Planning to Earning, let me know! I don’t care how you choose to contact me, I just want to hear what you think! Feel free to shoot me an email, hit me up on Twitter, or leave a comment below. Whatever you have to do, just talk to me!

Thanks guys, I really hope you make the best out of the newest From Planning to Earning!

A special thanks to dedicated Blogussion readers and friends King Sidharth and Rob Rammuny for the insight they provided during the creation of the guide.

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