Pingoat, gone to the slaughter house?

by Janith

Pingoat has been one of the most extensively used free pinging services on the web. For those of us, that haven’t used it before – it’s a simple tool that allows webmasters to ‘ping’ or ‘notify’ search engines and other services that you got new content! It’s a simple idea but one that has great results.

It’s all well and swell, till the day Pingoat was dragged to the slaughter house!

Many bloggers say that it has no purpose and other argue otherwise. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, so I’m going to give you mine. In short and simple words; Pinging has brought about a lot of great benefits to our blog. Hands down.

When we first launched Blogussion indexing took some time, but after we started pinging the big engines like Google and Technorati – we would see many more pages both indexed/cached. Obviously it’s not as visually visible as perhaps a PageRank gone up a notch, but the effects can be seen indirectly.

Well, Pingoat has been serving its purpose in the blogging world – till it randomly crashed and had an ugly notice board saying “We’re currently doing system maintenance. Come back later.” It was very ugly, black text on a white background ~ not even a colorful picture!

It has been “down for maintenance” for weeks now, and shows no signs of returning any time soon – or ever for that matter. Has the era of single-handedly knocking on the doors of big search engines, from one click of a button left us for ever? Well, yes and no. Pingoat was one, if not THE best tool for the job. Pinging a whole bunch of useful nodes – but it’s premature slaughter is not the end of the world

There are several other useful tools that accomplish the same job, such as Ping-o-Matic and KingPing or you can do it yourself pinging each service found here, but that’s not very time-effect. If you try them out, you can see it’s just not the same as our Pingoat.

Till we see the ultimate pinging service return, we’ll have to do with the couple I’ve mentioned above – but stick with Blogussion as we’ll be the first to spread the news when our beloved pingingĀ  service returns!

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