Why Guest Posting on a Low PR Site is Worth Your Time

by AmandaDisilvestro

I often spend an entire hour searching for websites that I think are “worthy” of my writing. After all, I’m a brilliant writer, and not every website is popular enough to be given the pleasure of reading my writing. I want as many people to read my articles as possible so that I can help bring traffic to my personal blog. For this reason, I have always looked straight to the Google page ranking (PR) before even considering writing for a website. Google is where I want my blog ranked, so I want to write for sites that Google thinks are worthy.

Now, I realize there are very passionate defenders of Google’s PR but just as many supporters out there that think PR is a thing of past- that it’s not the absolute best judge of a website’s usefulness. So let me hear about what you all think, okay?

What does my opinion matter anyway?

After realizing that there were some great websites out there with low PR rates, I realized I was being a little bit ridiculous.I do not actually think my writing is as sophisticated as business geniuses like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. In fact, I write so that I can help people improve their small businesses, and I don’t care whether or not the article is read by the brightest minds in business. I want my article to be read by those who have questions, no matter how early or how established they are in their careers. This led me to wonder: Is it worth my time to guest post on sites with a low PR?

Where, When, and Why to Guest Post

1. Where

—Make sure that the site with a low PR has potential. There are many sites out there that are not ranked highly by Google for a reason—they are not maintained, they have no clear focus, hard to navigate, etc. However, there are websites who have a low PR simply because they are new on the scene. Check to see if there is an “about” section, a “guest posting guidelines” section, and a clean and clear layout. If the author has good credentials, is posting regularly, and the site is easy to navigate, you’ve hit the guest posting jackpot.

2. When

—Before you attempt to guest blog on any site, low or high PR, make sure that the personal blog you are linking back to is something you want people to see. If so, then guest posting is a great way to help your site gain popularity and rank with Google. The best time to guest post for a site with a low PR is really the same as posting for any old site. If you have an article ready to go, do not hesitate to pitch it to a site with a low PR. Why? Keep reading!

3. Why

—You do not want to ignore sites with a low PR for a couple of reasons:

  • Freedom—Sites with a low PR are usually more open to the types of posts you will submit. The site is just starting out, so they do not have as much room to be specific. They should want quality content, but you may be free to write about any topic with any tone you wish.
  • The Blog May Grow—If you saw potential in a blog, there is a good chance it will grow to be one of the biggest. If this is the case, you will have gotten in on the ground floor. In other words, once the blog grows the editor will know your name, know you helped contribute quality content, and your blog will benefit. Google will also see that your articles appeared on a blog with a high PR; thus helping your personal blog even further.

Overall, guest posting for sites with a high PR or a PR comparable to yours is the best option. There is no denying that this will help get your name and your blog out there to the public faster because your page will slowly get ranked faster on Google. However, do not discount writing for sites with a low PR. There are benefits. If you can pick out a blog with good potential and that blog grows, you will be seen as smarter (and more worthy) than all of those writers who ignore low ranked sites.

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