Wired Weekend #5: The Best Blogging Tips from Around the Web

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    Want to get listed?

    Getting listed in these things are easy. Since we look around our community, both in the comments of our posts and on Twitter - all you have to do is participate in the community and your blog will be seen by us.


    Wired Weekend is a series at Blogussion where we find our favorite articles on blogging from around the web and compile them into one article for your viewing pleasure. The catch here is that we look for links from people within our community. That means if you have commented on our blog before and we have found a great blogging tip posted on your blog, we may have included it in this list!


by Seth

It’s the weekend, and time for another round of Wired Weekend. We are already on #5 which surprises me because it feels like we just started this awesome blogging tips roundup.

We’ve seen some great articles this week from our readers on blogging tips and are excited to share them with you. We have also included a few must read articles from outside of our blog reading community. We hope you see the power in being apart of community of such talented bloggers.

Even though many of our readers are not writing blogging tips, so we can’t spotlight your articles here, we want everyone to know how great our readers are at blogging. If you are feeling unsure about yourself, we are talking about you. Good job!

Blogussion Weekly Recap

Here’s a quick recap of the articles we wrote this weekend. Its important to note we had a lot of very excellent comments this week which led to great discussions about our post topics. Thanks everyone for contributing.

Blogging Tips From the Community

Blogging Tips From Twitter

Twitter is not only a great way to connect and have fun but an excellent way to learn about blogging tips.  Here are some of the great tweets we have seen this week or the articles they lead us too.

Notable Mentions This Week

This week Alex was interviewed and mentioned twice.  The first time was on his own interview at Famous Bloggers and the second was in an interview of another blogger who mentioned Alex as his designer.  The second interview was with Simon of Teenius.com who is also having a huge contest on his blog.  Its easy to sign up and well worth the effort to tweet.  Prizes include up to $800 worth of advertising for your blog! So go over and check out Teenius: Contest Prizes.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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