WordPress just got more friendly: Hello WordPress.tv!

by Alex

The WordPress Development Blog has just announced a new service called WordPress.tv. If you couldn’t tell from the domain name: it’s a video site. It has all these awesome WordPress (wordpress.com + self-hosted) tutorials. Topics ranging from how to sign up your blog at WordPress.com to topics like Choosing a theme for your blog, and a lot more.

Besides keeping a database of video tutorials, WordPress.tv also compiles videos from the WordCamps all around the world. This is a great idea since WordCamp’s are awesome events, but may not be located anywhere near you. Now you can check out some clips from them right from your computer seat.

Looking deeper into WordPress.tv

It looks like a pretty solid service, and there are some things you should take time to check out that will make WordPress.tv even more useful to you.

1. Let them know what you want

If you have a question, you can contact WordPress.tv and ask for a video to be made about it. There are so many questions you can ask about WordPress, and what’s better than asking the experts and actually getting a response from them? Definitely take advantage of this opportunity, it’s not like it’s going anywhere.

2. Finding what you need has never been easier

All of the information posted on WordPress.tv is posted into a certain category depending on what topic the video covers. It is all formatted very well, and is easier to find things than it would be in the WordPress Codex. Don’t believe me? Check out their How-To section. Structurally beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Like everyone else, follow them on Twitter

It wouldn’t be a website without a Twitter account attached to it. Follow WordPress.tv on Twitter for news, and whatever else they decide to tweet about.

After going through the website a little bit, do you think the way they describe themselves on their homepage is true?

WordPress.tv is Your Visual Resource for All Things WordPress

It is still a new service, so obviously it will be lacking content in some categories. But fear not, they promised more content to be posted (why would they lie?) within the next few weeks and months. Plus, with users being able to request content, WordPress.tv is surely to explode with great new content.

I would love to hear your thoughts on WordPress.tv. I personally love it, and it will probably be an invaluabke resouce for myself and thousands of other WordPress bloggers alike.

Useful WordPress.tv links

WordPress.tv Introduction Video

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