10 Best Hashtag Tools To Increase Your Social Media Exposure

by Carmela Maraan

If you’ve been using social media to promote your blog — and you should — chances are you’ve used hashtags in some of your accounts. But while hashtags are a great way to help search engines identify your posts much easier, there are also hashtag tools that will help you optimize your use of hashtags to help improve your online exposure.

Here’s a list of great tools that will help you generate better hashtags and track them, so you can create better social media campaigns.

1. Hashtags.Org

Hashtags gives you analytics of the most used hashtags that were tweeted every hour, within a 24-hour period, helping you determine the most popular tags at any given particular time, and the type of audience that uses them.

2. Hashtracking

Hashtracking is a powerful tool that grants you real-time insights into hashtag analytics via the use of tweets, retweets, charts, graphics, reach, impression, contributor lists, plus a free hashtag explorer tool to help you locate hashtags easily.

3. Tagdef.Com

Tagdef allows you to find popular hashtags, their meaning, when they were first used, and related hashtags. It also locates the most popular hashtags, top users, and new tags that you might use for your blog.

4. Hashtagify.Me

If you want to get the latest trending hashtags with which to reach your audience, then Hashtagify.Me is a great tool to use. Not only does it identify the most popular tags, but also the top influencers in your market so you can easily reach out to them.

5. Tweetbinder

Tweetbinder is a user-friendly tool that lets you search for a certain tweet’s popularity, and furnishes you with an in-depth report of actual conversations, retweets, and associated images and links based on the tweet you submitted. What sets this apart from other tools is that it allows you to organize your information into segments, which can be used for future reference.

6. Tweetchat

Using your Twitter account, Tweetchat allows you to use a particular hashtag to connect with other users who are talking about the same topic, giving you a hands-on opportunity to build your audience for free.

7. BundlePost

Aside from being a highly useful content management system, BundlePost also boasts of several features that let you generate, organize, schedule, and post content and hashtags for your online campaigns. This tool also helps you identify the most popular keywords and automatically generates hashtags that are related to your content.

8. SocialMention

SocialMention is a free and easy-to-use tool that provides you with information on a hashtag’s strength, reach, and even user sentiments on that topic, as posted in any and all social networks. It also gives you data on top keywords, top users, and sources of that hashtag.

9. Tweet Category

Giving you value for a mere $1, Tweet Category is an app that dishes out hashtag statistics (such as user influence, engagement, rankings, impact, and reach), automatic tweet organization, tweet sorting according to check-ins, conversations, photos, links and RTs, and customized reports.

10. SeeSaw

If you’re the visual type, SeeSaw is a great social media tool that lets you search and find hashtags in real-time, then presents them in a pinboard fashion, allowing you to see, highlight, repost, and interact with all posts related to your search.

Are there any other hashtag tools that you use and would like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.


Image credits: Marketingtechblog.Com, Tier10lab.Com

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