11 Effective Ways You Can Promote Your Site Offline

by Janith

It’s clear that the whole purpose of running a blog and investing time on it revolves around the fact you want to share your opinion with other people. That’s pretty straight forward.

Regardless of your niche and writing style, every blog is opinionated. Simply because two people can blog about the same exact topic yet approach it in two quite contrasting ways. So, taking that into consideration let’s take in a general assumption ”all blogs are opinionated” for sake of my point;

That makes you wonder… what good is an opinion that doesn’t receive criticism?

As a blogger, you should give your opinion the opportunity to be critiqued and the only way you can do that is by exposing it to the public-eye. Without this exposure, the bitter results lay in the daunting loneliness of those hundreds of thousands of Blogger/Wordpress blogs that seem barely maintained, let alone thriving as a community.

Well, following up on my earlier post, on 45 ways to build back-links – which covered ways of spreading the world online, I want to share with you 11 ways in which you can spread the word in the offline world.

1) Get a T-Shirt

The most saturated method of promoting your blog in the offline world is to get custom designed T-Shirts and get people to wear them. Whenever I think about this method of promotion, ShoeMoney is the first thing that follows that thought. In fact, his dedicated section called “Friends and Fans” explains it all.

2) It’s Not Just Only T-Shirts

Don’t get disheartened if you can’t get yourself a bunch of T-Shirts. Other promotional items can include cups, mugs, pens, paper weights, freely distributed calendars, magnets, and even car bumper stickers which I’ve explained in more detail below.

3) Print Posters, Pin Posters

If you belong to any communities or societal groups, it is more than likely for them to have “bulletin boards” where members can advertise/share information – depending on the appropriateness of your site and the organization. A well designed eye-catching poster can definitely grab some attention, but don’t forget that you aren’t limited just to bulletin boards!

4) Sponsor a Charity

I’ve repeated this technique over several of my earlier posts too, but the significance of sponsoring a charity can never be over-appreciated. Especially, because blogging is all about connecting to people, so helping out others and being naturally courteous is one way of making connections.

5) Get a Car Bumper Sticker

I’m hoping to get one of these for Blogussion within the month, and just stick it on the family car. Personally, I think it’s a great for promoting your site on a local level but you have to be very creative, because you only have matter of seconds and its unlikely people will have pen & paper with them, whilst driving. Make sure it’s clear, simple and unforgettable!

6) Video Killed the Radio Star?

Who says radio advertising still doesn’t pay off? I know this method can be quite costly, but try to seek out channels that are offering advertising within your budget. Just make sure that the radio channel is appropriately matched to your site; mentioning your SEO Blog on a 1930s audio-‘films’ probably won’t do you much good.

7) Business Cards and Letter Heads

This technique is pretty selective in its effectiveness, because not many people carry around business cards and letter heads with them. Just in case you do run into an acquaintance and want to exchange details, head over to VistaPrint and order your free batch of contact cards!

8) Your Voicemail

I actually picked this up a few years ago from one of ProBlogger’s post, where he advices you to include your site details on your voicemail. It seems like a great idea, just to throw in that URL link but be careful that your attempt to make notice of your site doesn’t overshadow the primary source of a voicemail.

9) Promotion Flyers

If you can design a small (preferably half an A4, if not smaller) and print out a few hundred copies – then just get on a bike and go around to your neighbors post boxes and start filling them in. It’ll give you a taste of what it might feel like to be a Postman, so it’s a win-win situation. I’m eagerly awaiting my school holidays, so I can do the same with Blogussion – but first I need to make sure I can legally do that… better check with your local council first!

10) Newspaper/ Yellow Pages Advertising

There are many companies (mostly offline) that advertise their services on local newspapers and the Yellow Pages – there’s absolutely nothing that says you can’t do the same. I’m not sure about pricing, but some local newspapers can even get you featured if you talk to the right people – in the right way.

11) Word of Mouth

Lastly, you can just tell your friends and family to help you raise “[Your Site] awareness”. This can be a very strong technique to get your site noticed, and especially if you speak to the right people – it can snowball into a viral market.


Those are just some of the ways you can promote your site offline, but I’m sure there are many more.

Perhaps you have an idea that I haven’t mentioned above? If so, leave us a comment!

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