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20 Great Tools to Boost Your Blog’s Marketability

by Carmela Maraan

Now that blogging has become more fast-paced, the more we need help in keeping up with our posting schedules. Good thing there’s a slew of online tools that we can rely on to maximize content creation and increase output efficiency.

Here are 20 content marketing tools that I’ve found that you might want to check out. I’m actually using some of them now, and recommend that you try to find which one works best for you.


1. Skitch

Skitch by Evernote is an app that allows you to attach annotations and diagrams to photos that you take, so sharing visual descriptions and instructions is much easier for you and your audience. One catch is that you need to set up an Evernote account for this, but since it’s free you’re already getting a great deal.


2. Pinstamatic

If you’ve linked your blog to Pinterest, you can use Pinstamatic to to post not just images, but also text, quotes, places, Twitter profiles, and even Spotify links to liven up your boards.


3. Click to Tweet

Download the app, write the message you wish to share, and Click To Tweet generates a custom link that automatically tweets your message every time someone clicks on that link. Great for sharing post excerpts!


4. LoveList for Pinterest

LoveList for Pinterest allows you to scan the barcode of any product in the store and add it to your Pinterest account. It’s perfect for shopping and review blogs, and blog posts about wishlists, gifts, and ongoing sales.


5. Google Scholar

If you’re running a blog that’s heavy on information, Google Scholar is one of the best free resources for research material, which comes complete with citations, patents, cases, and more.


6. Must Be Present

You can increase engagement with your audience with MustBePresent, a tool that calculates how quickly and often you respond to your Twitter followers.


7. Storify

Storify inspires you to tell your own story using media that you’ve collated. What’s more, you can embed the stories you create anywhere you like!


8. Open Site Explorer

If you wish to see what sites are linking to you (or to any other site for that matter), then Open site Explorer will come in handy. This is great for SEO and for expanding your community.


9. Blog topic Generator

If you’re stumped for topics to post about, then Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator can help! Simply enter three topics you wish to expound on, and the app will come up with five blog post suggestions.


10. Readability

Readability offers you a wide range of bookmarklets and apps to help make your online reading more efficient, such as saving articles to your reading list and giving you an estimate of the time it takes to read a page.


11. On-Page Optimization Tool

You can easily find out and improve your page’s SEO status with On-Page Optimization tool, which analyzes your internal links, meta data, and page content for free.


12. Latest.Is

If you’re looking to write about the hottest topics on the web right now, Latest.Is can help you filter your choices by pulling the top 10 most popular tweets from anonymous members.


13. LikeAlyzer

If your blog is tied to a Facebook page, LikeAlyzer will send you feedback and recommendations on strengthening your Facebook presence through your content, post frequency, level of engagement, and posting schedule.


14. Simply Measured LinkedIn Analysis Tool

Get in-depth and beautifully presented LinkedIn analytics from the Simply Measured LinkedIn Analysis tool, which delivers reports on your most responded-to posts, most active posters, peak hours, and more. You can also use this tool for other social media channels.


15. Newsle

Newsle helps you keep stay on track of and in touch with your favorite influencers and leaders by sending you updates on their latest posts in your shared social media accounts.


16. Quicksprout

Quicksprout by Neil Patel audits your website and provides you with an extensive social media analysis and competitor report so you can generate greater traffic.


17. Fanpage Karma

If you want to keep tabs on your competitors, then Fanpage Karma can help by monitoring not just your own fanpage analytics, but an unlimited number of fanpages and profiles as well.


18. Hemingway

Improve your writing with Hemingway, a tool that helps you edit your text by analyzing it according to readability, structure, and grade level.


19. SharedCount

Keep track of how your or any site is shared online with SharedCount, which displays how many times a website is shared and liked among several social media platforms.


20. Pinalytics

Pinalytics is a tool that enables you to find, track, and evaluate exchanges about your posts on Pinterest, so you can increase your audience and improve your blog’s conversion.


Image credits: Panmarketingnut.Com, All-free-download.Com

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